Star Trek: Tirpitz

Chief Medical Officer James Franklin

James Franklin

Personnel File

Name:  James Franklin 

Species:  Human  

Affiliation:  Federation Starfleet  

Rank:  Lieutenant  

Occupation:  Starfleet Officer  

Status: Active  

Born: 2386  

Father:  Scott (deceased) 

Mother:   Angela 

Marital Status: Single  

Current Assignment:  Chief Medical Officer, USS Tirpitz (NX-93620-B)  

Early Life

James was born aboard the USS Hood.  Because both of his parents were in Starfleet, James spent much of his youth moving from ship to ship as his parent’s assignments changed over the years.  Even in his youth, it was apparent that James had a brilliant mind.  The problem was that he didn’t have any focus.  When his father was killed on an away team, James realized what he wanted to do with his life.   James applied to Starfleet Medical Academy, where he excelled in exobiology and exoanatomy.   James also took several engineering extension courses offered by the academy.  Upon graduation, James was assigned to the USS Tirpitz. 

Aboard the Tirpitz (NCC 93620)

After the Borg attack in the Vega system, Ruz asked James if he could pull double duty aboard the Tirpitz.  James was one of the best doctors the Tirpitz had left after the attack, but Ruz also wanted his advice and experience as a scientist.  James was willing to attempt to fill the rolls of both the chief medical officer and as the ship’s science officer.  However, before he agreed to it, he managed to convince Ruz to allow James permission to perform experiments involving the crew’s reaction to prolonged tribble exposure.  

James spent most of his time in sick bay, tending to the various injuries that the crew would sustain during their missions.  Occasionally he would join away teams when they when the services of a doctor were needed where the away team was being sent.  He was part of the away team that was sent to rescue the screw of the SS Azura, where he helped to stabilize several members of the civilian crew for transport to the Tirpitz.  

James has also led a few away missions to perform scientific surveys on several planets.  He was in charge of the away team sent by the Tirpitz to study unusual plant lifeforms on 6301-Chi, a planet in the IG-652 system.

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