Star Trek: Tirpitz

First Officer Dennis Scharf
First Officer of the USS Tirpitz

Mr. Scharf

Personnel File

Name:  Dennis Scharf 

Species:  Human 

Affiliation:  Federation Starfleet 

Rank:  Lieutenant Commander

Occupation:  Starfleet Officer 

Status: Active 

Born: 2386 

Father:  Marcus

Mother:  Susan 

Marital Status: Single 

Current Assignment:  First Officer, USS Tirpitz (NX 93620-B) 

Early Life and Career

Dennis was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago.  His father worked as a maintenance engineer on Earth’s weather modification network while his mother was a school teacher.  Growing up, Dennis enjoyed many sports, and was on his high school’s American football team.  He felt a sense of camaraderie there was with his teammates.  It was this sense of camaraderie that eventually caused Dennis to apply to Starfleet Academy.  He wanted to be part of a team that protected the Federation. 

USS Wolf

For his cadet cruise, Dennis was assigned to the USS Wolf.  While on patrol, the wolf was attacked by a band of Naussican pirates.  They wanted to capture a Federation starship and use it to prey on unsuspecting traders.  During the initial assault, many of the command crew were either killed or rendered unconscious.  Dennis organized tactical teams out of the cadets and was able to successfully repel Naussican boarding parties until the USS Tirpitz was able to answer their distress call.  Dennis received a commendation for his actions.  After graduating from the academy, Captain Qat’Anmel of the USS Tirpitz put in a special request to have Dennis assigned to his ship.

Aboard the Tirpitz ( NCC 93620)

Dennis was serving aboard the Tirpitz when it took part in turning back the Borg invasion of the Vegas system.  After Ruz was made captain of the Tirpitz, Dennis was selected for the position of the ship’s first officer.  Since his promotion, Dennis and Ruz haven’t always seen eye to eye on how things should be handled.  Dennis has had to point out on several occasions that Starfleet regulations prevent the captain of the ship from leading away teams into dangerous situations. 

Dennis also questioned Ruz’s orders to assist a Klingon task force engaged in a battle with several Undine ships in the Bomari system.  Dennis felt he needed to remind the captain that the Federation was at war with the Klingon Empire, and that the Tirpitz had lost several crew members in battle with Klingon forces before.  When Ruz pointed out that Species 8472 was intent on ending all life in the alpha quadrant, not just the Klingons, Dennis backed the captain’s orders.

Dennis has ended up leading many combat away teams during his time as the first officer of the Tirpitz.  He led the boarding party that assaulted the Klingon listening post found in the Paulson nebula, and was in charge of the team sent to rescue the science teams held hostage by the Gorn in the Kassae system. 

He has also proven himself to be an asset on several occasions during space missions.  His experience onboard the USS Wolf proved very valuable when the Tirpitz was attacked by Naussican pirates while responding to a distress call in the Pico system.

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