Star Trek: Tirpitz

Acting Captain’s Log, Earth spacedock
March 3, 2010, 1:14 am
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sector 001

Earth Spacedock

I’ve just gotten back from a meeting with Admiral Quinn.  It would seem the situation the Federation is in is worse than expected.  The attack on the Vega system was not the only front in our recent battle against the Borg.  Current estimates indicated that seventy-five percent of Starfleet’s command personnel were abducted by the Borg, with that number percentage expected to grow as more ships report back in.  The Borg worked from the boundaries of Federation space towards the center, so the core of Starfleet remains intact.  But many of our ships now find themselves without their captains.  Because of this, Admiral Quinn has promoted me to the rank of lieutenant and given me command of the Tirpitz.  The Tirpitz is going to remain in spacedock for a brief period of time for repairs and a refit.  I’ve extended shore leave to any members of the crew that wish to take it until the refit is completed.  By that time, I’m to have selected from the ship’s crew to fill out the command staff. 

I have been going over the files of the crew available, and I’ve extended offers to the following crewmen. 

  • I’ve offered the position of first officer to Dennis Scharf.  His records show an ability to take charge of a situation in cases of dire emergency.  He’s had command experience, and I feel confident that he will do his best to keep this crew safe and operating at its best. 
  • I’ve offered the position of tactical officer and security chief to T’Lol of Vulcan.  While engaging the Borg, she demonstrated great skill while manning her post.
  • I’ve offered the position of chief engineer to Amy of the Independent Nation of Borg.  During the recent engagement with the Borg, Amy was able to adapt our shields to the Borg’s attacks.  I also believe that as a former drone, her insights into the collective will be valuable should we encounter them again.  She’s expressed a concern that given recent events there may be members of the crew that will not take orders from her, even though she’s no longer a member of the collective.  I’ve told her that if she has that problem with any members of the crew, to bring it to my attention, and I’ll deal with them.
  • I’ve offered the position of chief medical officer to James Franklin.  He seemed more than willing to take the job, provided I was willing to allow him some leeway in a few of his experiments.  He seems to have a theory regarding the health benefits of keeping tribbles as pets.  He wants to distribute tribbles to members of the crew, and track the effect they have on the state of their health.  I’ve allowed him to carry out his experiment, but I’ve also made it very clear that he it to do everything possible to prevent his experiment from turning into an infestation.


I believe we will be set to leave spacedock within the next few days. 

Out of Character:


Earth Spacedock is set up in much the same was as I would imagine a major city is set up in any mmo.  There are areas to buy and sell equipment.  There’s a bank to store items you’ve picked up.  And there’s an exchange where players can auction off items to make energy credits, which is one of the game’s different types of currency.  

There are a lot of nice little nods to the fans in and around Earth spacedock.  One of them is the fact that the tailor that players can use to change their appearance on the station is a little familiar: 

No, it's not Garak.

While another is that scattered in the space around the station are several ship drydocks, where players can view all the different types of ships available in the game: 

Starfleet vessel

Officers in the game fill a couple of different roles.  While you’re onboard your ship, they offer special abilities you can use in combat, such as increasing the damage of your ship’s torpedoes.  When you take any of them on away team missions with your captain, they provide a completely different set of skills, such as healing injuries.  There are several ways to pick up an officer.  Many are awarded to players for finishing missions, but you can also purchase them from a vendor on the station.  The game allows for great flexibility what your crew is made up of.  If you want a crew full of Andorians or if you want an all female crew, you can do that and there’s no real penalty for doing so.  And if you don’t care at all, the game will just randomly assign you officers and you can just choose which ever one has an ability you want.  In my case, my Borg engineer officer was a bonus item I received for pre-ordering the game, my Vulcan tactical officer was a quest reward, and the two humans I purchased at spacedock.  

On the topic of tribbles, they do exist in the game.  They are a piece of equipment, and they have a variety of abilities.  Depending on the species of tribble you have, they can increase your heal you outside of combat, provide buffs to your character’s damage or defenses, increase your character’s health regeneration rate, and in rare cases do two or three of those different things.  But true to form, they are tribbles.  If a player leaves a tribble in their inventory with food items for long enough, the food will eventually disappear and the player’s inventory will fill up with the little fuzz balls.


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