Star Trek: Tirpitz

Science Officer Toran

Personnel File

Name: Vek Toran

Species:  Bajoran / Cardassian

Affiliation:  Federation Starfleet 

Rank:  Ensign

Occupation:  Starfleet Officer 

Status: Active 

Born: 2387  

Father:  Keeve Vek

Mother:  Jil Toran (deceased)

Marital Status: Single 

Current Assignment: Science Officer, USS Tirpitz (NX 93620-B) 

Early Life and Career

In 2386, the Federation signed a treaty with Cardassia.  The Cardassians agreed to not create an army for war, and in exchange the Federation would send aid to help rebuild Cardassian cities.  Keeve Vek was a Bajoran engineer in the Federation that was assigned to the relief effort.  Jil Toran was a liaison between the Federation aid workers and the Cardassian government.  Near the end of 2386, when Jil found out she was pregnant, she left her job and Cardassia.  Although the Bajorans were now working with the Cardassians, Jil feared that a hybrid child of the two species would still be shunned by both cultures.  In 2387, she gave birth to a son she named Vek.

Toran spent most of his childhood traveling with his mother, who managed to find work on board a cargo freighter.  This lasted until Toran’s early teens, when the freighter they had called home was attacked by the Orion Syndicate.  Jil died in the attack, and if it wasn’t for the arrival of a Starfleet vessel that had picked up the freighter’s distress call, Toran might have lost his life as well.  The survivors from the freighter were beamed aboard the Federation ship, and it was while Toran recovering in their sick bay that his connection to Keeve Vek was discovered thanks to a blood test.  Because he had no known relatives still alive on Cardassia, Toran was sent to live with his father. 

Keeve did his best to make Toran feel comfortable in his new home, but there was a distance between the two of them.  They lived together, but it felt more like they were roommates than being a father and son.  Early on, Keeve did try to spend time to get to know Toran better, but Toran just buried himself in his studies.  When he was old enough Toran applied to and was accepted into Starfleet academy on the recommendation of Keeve’s commanding officer.  At the academy, Toran excelled in Astronomy and was accepted into the Intensive Theoretical Science Program.  While at the academy, Toran asked his friends and professors to call him Toran, both in reference to the Bajoran tradition to place their family name before their personal name and the Cardassian tradition of military personnel to only go by their family name.  After his cadet cruise, Torvan was assigned to the USS Tirpitz.

Aboard the Tirpitz (NCC 93620)

Toran had just recently been assigned to the Tirpitz when the Borg invasion of the Vega system took place.  As such, when Ruz was looking for people to fill the vacancies left by the abducted senior staff,  Ruz felt that Toran didn’t have the experience necessary to be one of the command staff for the ship.  Since that time, Toran has proven himself to be a valuable member of the crew.  Whenever Dr. Franklin’s skills were needed more in sick bay than on the bridge in a time of crisis, Toran frequently took over the bridge’s science station.  He was at that post when the Tirpitz helped to engage a Klingon invasion force detected in the Regulus sector. 

Toran’s education in astronomy and astrophysics proved quite useful to several of the Tirpitz’s science teams.  He performed detailed scans of the radiation sources found in System 7345-U as part of the Tirpitz’s assignment to catalogue the region of space known as the Arucanis Arm. 

Toran has frequently found himself working with Amy on assignments.  He was part of the away team Amy led to repair the sabotaged seismic sensors on Pellme II.  They also worked together to reconfigure the Tirpitz’s sensors to scan nearby ships for the cargo stolen from Starbase 114.


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