Star Trek: Tirpitz

Tactical Officer T’Lol
Tactical Officer T'Lol



Personnel File

Name:  T’Lol 

Species:  Vulcan  

Affiliation:  Federation Starfleet  

Rank:  Lieutenant 

Occupation:  Starfleet Officer  

Status: Active  

Born: 2379  

Father:  Muroc 

Mother:  Sakonna 

Marital Status: Single  

Current Assignment:  Tactical Officer, USS Tirpitz (NX 93620-B)  

Early Life

T’Lol was born and raised on Vulcan.  Both of her parents were archeologists with the Vulcan Science Academy.   T’Lol decided to perform the Kolinahr ritual at a young age.  After completing the ritual, T’Lol applied to Starfleet academy.  She believed that while the educational and career opportunities offered by the Vulcan Science Academy were great, the Vulcan  philosophical basis of Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations suggested to her that broaden her perspective by receiving an education at an institution that valued more than just Vulcan ideals.  While at the academy, T’Lol demonstrated an aptitude towards cryptography.  She was accepted into the academy’s intelligence training program.  After graduation, T’Lol was assigned to the USS Tirpitz. 

Aboard the Tirpitz (NCC 93620)

After the events of the Borg invasion of the Vega system, T’Lol was promoted to the position of the chief tactical officer for the Tirpitz by Ruz.  Early on the Tirpitz new first officer, Dennis Scharf, frequently sent T’Lol along on away teams led by the captain, to “keep Ruz out of trouble”.  She accompanied the captain during the rescue of the crew of the SS Azura and when the captain helped to mediate a labor dispute with the miners on Beytan V. 

T’Lol’s intelligence training has proven quite useful on several of the missions that have been assigned to the Tirpitz.  She cracked the security codes that prevented access to the Klingon computer cores found on the two Klingon listening posts the Tirpitz located in Federation space.  And her interviews of the crew of Starbase 114 helped to identify the individual who stole several crates of a highly explosive substance.

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