Star Trek: Tirpitz

Captain Judon Ruz

Captain Judon Ruz

 Personnel File

Name:  Judon Ruz 

Species:  Trill (Joined) 

Affiliation:  Federation Starfleet 

Rank:  Commander

Occupation:  Starfleet Officer 

Status: Active 

Born: 2382 (Host) 

Father:  Arjin Coern(Host) 

Mother:  Neema Coern(Host) 

Marital Status: Single 

Current Assignment:  Acting Captain, USS Tirpitz (NX 93620-B) 

Early Life and Career

 Judon was born to two members of the Federation Diplomatic Corps.  Because the Trill Symbiosis Commission rejected both of his parents for joining, Judon never applied to the Commission himself.  Judon instead focused his attention on joining Starfleet.  His parents were supportive of his decision, believing Judon would follow in their foot steps and become a diplomat himself.  Judon showed promise in security training and starship tactics, and was accepted into the Advanced Tactical program.  He also participated in the Starfleet Academy marathon every year while he was enrolled there, coming in second place in his final year.

USS Ulysses

Judon’s first assignment out of the academy was aboard the USS Ulysses, a science ship that was heading out on a deep space exploration mission.  Many of his friends made jokes about how he got an easy assignment working security on a peaceful assignment.  And for the most part, Judon’s friends were correct.  The Ulysses saw very little action during its mission.  Judon frequently volunteered to man the tactical station during the Ulysses’ Night Watch.  It was during on specific over night watch when Judon met Emony Ruz. 

Emony was a joined Trill that was a member of the Ulysses’ engineering crew.    Judon and Emony really hit it off, and grew very close in a short amount of time.  Tragically, an unexpected first contact situation would end up costing Emony her life.  While studying a nebula, the Ulysses collected a sample of the gasses for further study.  What no one knew was that the nebula was a collection of gaseous life forms.  The Ulysses was attacked by the nebula, an attack that was only stopped once the crew realized their error and released the alien they had accidentally kidnapped.  The Ulysses was severely damaged, and several crew members had been killed in action.  Emony was mortally wounded when a control panel in engineering exploded.  Medical teams were able to save the symbiont, but due to the nature of the ship’s deep space mission and the damage to the ship’s transwarp systems, a new host for Ruz was not going to arrive in time.  The Ulysses was able to contact the Trill Symbiosis Commission, and after reviewing situation and the potential candidates aboard, Judon was selected to be the new host for the Ruz symbiont.  All other Trill among the crew were either already joined, or had applied to the Commission previously and had been rejected.  By the time the Ulysses was able to reach a star base, Judon’s joining had become permanent.  Shortly there after, Judon Ruz requested a transfer to a different ship, and ended up aboard the USS Tirpitz.

Aboard the Tirpitz ( NCC 93620)

One of Ruz’s first assignments onboard the Tirpitz was to lead an away team to assist the USS Khitomer when it was attacked by Borg during the Borg invasion of the Vega system.  When he returned to the Tirpitz, Ruz was informed that he was the highest ranking officer left on the ship.  Ruz took command of the Tirpitz and took part in the defensive action which turned back the Borg.  In the wake of the Borg invasion, Starfleet had lost the majority of its senior officers.  Because of this, Admiral Quinn promoted Ruz to lieutenant and made him captain of the Tirpitz. 

During his first mission as captain of the Tirpitz, Ruz demonstrated a hands on approach to getting things done.  When an away team needed to beam over to the SS Azura, Ruz was intent on leading the mission himself.  His newly appointed first officer, Dennis Scharf, reminded Ruz that Starfleet regulations rarely permitted the  captain of a ship to lead away teams in dangerous situations.  Ruz commented that there wasn’t time to have a discussion on the matter with the Azura’s warp core in the process of a breach, but the order that was intended to keep a captain on his ship and out of harms way had recently been proven by the Borg to be flawed.  Ruz led the away team was successful in rescuing the crew from the Azura. 

Since then, Ruz has relented to his first officer in regards to away missions that may be highly dangerous on most occasions.  Ruz did choose to pull rank once, and led the away team on Regulus IV to rescue the diplomatic team that Klingon soldiers had taken hostage.  This was because one member of the team was a close friend of Ruz’s family, who also served in the Starfleet diplomatic corps.

Ruz also led away teams to help settle the dispute between the Federation and the miners on Beytan V, and to identify the wreckage of the SS Ranek on Cernan V.

The Ruz Symbiont.

In comparison to other well-known Trill symbionts, Ruz is fairly young.  Judon is only the fourth host that Ruz has been joined with.  Of its previous hosts, Ruz has been joined with only one female.  The hosts have also mostly been associated with Starfleet.

  • Judon Ruz:  Current host.  Acting Captain of the USS Tirpitz.  Graduate of Starfleet Academy’s Advanced Tactical program.
  • Emony Ruz:  Lieutenant aboard the USS Ulysses.  Graduate with honors of Starfleet’s Advanced Research Engineering program.  Killed in Action.
  • Hanor Ruz:  Doctor.  Participated in the Interspecies Medical Exchange program.  Assigned to Starfleet medical.  Assisted in keeping Trill symbiosis hidden from Starfleet until the Odan incident of 2367.  Died of old age.
  • Tavis Ruz:  Exceptional Trill chef.  Well known for combining traditional Trill cusine with influences from other galactic civilizations.  Died of old age.

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