Star Trek: Tirpitz

Chief Engineer Amy
Chief Engineer Amy

Personnel File

Name:  Amy

Species:  Human, liberated Borg

Affiliation:  Federation Starfleet, Independent Nation of Borg 

Rank:  Lieutenant 

Occupation:  Starfleet Officer 

Status: Active 

Born: 2386 

Father:  Unknown

Mother:  Unknown

Marital Status: Single 

Current Assignment:  Chief Engineer, USS Tirpitz (NX-93620-B) 

Early Life

Information regarding Amy’s early life is very limited.  She doesn’t have any memories of her life before being assimilated into the Borg collective.  This leads experts to believe that she was assimilated at a very young age.  Amy spent much of her life in a Borg maturation chamber.  When she had developed enough, she became an active member of the collective, participating in the assimilation of several ships and colonies.  Amy was eventually assigned to a Borg scout ship, and it was during this assignment that she was freed by the Independent Nation of Borg, an organization of individual Borg that was led by the Borg known as Hugh.  As part of recent diplomatic relations between the INB and the Federation, Amy was selected one of a number of individual Borg to be accepted into Starfleet academy.  Amy’s name came from her response to being selected for the program:  “Me?”  Academy life was difficult for Amy.  Many of her fellow classmates, to say nothing of the academy’s personnel itself, had lost family to the Borg over the years.  She frequently felt isolated from the other cadets in the classes she took.  Amy choose to bury herself in her studies.  When she graduated from Starfleet Academy, Amy was one of the top graduates from the Advanced Warp Theory program.  After graduation, Amy was assigned to the USS Tirpitz.

Aboard the Tirpitz (NCC 93620)

When Judon Ruz first approached Amy about her becoming the chief engineer for the Tirpitz after the events of the Vega invasion, Amy was hesitant to take the position.  She was concerned that because of the recent Borg attack , members of the crew may not want to work with her, even though she was no longer a member of the collective.  Ruz was able to convince Amy accept, stating that she was the most skilled candidate for the position.  Ruz also told Amy that if any members of the crew had trouble taking orders from her, to send them his way.

During the Tirpitz’s first mission with Amy as chief engineer, Amy joined the away team to rescue the crew of the SS Azura.  She used her skills to close off several plasma leaks onboard the freighter and allow the away team to reach the ship’s engineering section, where she was able to identify that there was nothing that could be done to stop the warp core breach that was in progress.

When the Tirpitz was sent to investigate the Paulson Nebula for signs of Undine activity, Amy modified the ship’s systems so that the Tirpitz wouldn’t be vulnerable to the energy drain that the USS Valor had fallen victim to.

As a former Borg drone, Amy’s insight into the collective has proven to be invaluable to Ruz.  When the Tirpitz discovered a disabled Borg sphere in the Servin system, Amy warned that the radiation level required to disable the drones onboard and leave the sphere derelict would be fatal to any away teams sent over.

Amy found ways to keep constantly busy aboard the ship.  She was always trying to find new ways to improve the ship’s efficiency.  When the Tirpitz was sent to Memory Alpha to deliver samples, Amy took the opportunity to research upgrades to many of the ships systems, including the phaser arrays.

She’s also proven to be a useful member of the crew on several away teams.  She led the away team which discovered the sabotage of the seismic sensors on Pellme II.  She assisted Ruz with identifying the wreckage of the Ranek found on Cernan V.  And it was Amy that determined that a Ferengi code breaker had been used to override the security locks on the storage areas of Starbase 114.

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