Star Trek: Tirpitz

Vendor Sector Patrol

In the wake of the battles near Rator prime, Starfleet Command decided to increase patrols of Federation space near the Romulan neutral zone.  Our listening posts along the border have detected small forces of cloaked ships moving through the neutral zone, but so far there haven’t been any incidents.  The Tirpitz has been assigned to patrol a number of systems along the border.  

Trading fire with the Hirogen

Our first stop on the patrol route we were assigned was to a starbase in the Ra’kholh system.  The outpost was a key location in the Federation’s efforts to develop moblie holo emitter technology.  The idea is to try to find a way to remove the limitations that current holographic systems force on a sentient hologram’s freedom.  When we entered the system, we picked up a distress call from the starbase.  Their sensors had picked up a number of Hirogen ships approaching the starbase.  We set a course to intercept the enemy task force before they could mount an attack on the lightly defended outpost.  As expected, our arrival presented the Hirogen with a much more attractive target than the station offered.  Several of their ships altered course to intercept us.  We were able to successfully defend ourselves from the initial assault, and continued on to engage the remaining ships.  Once we had cleared the system of the Hirogen, we contacted Starfleet Command and appraised them of the situation. 

Studying the Tkon relic

As we continued our patrol, Mr. Toran picked up some unusual energy readings as we were passing through the Tepheri system.  We altered course to investigate the readings, and came across a series of artifacts that had been scattered into space.  After performing several scans of the objects, we were able to determine that they were relics from the Tkon Empire.  The Tkon were a highly advanced civilization that had collapsed after their home world had been destroyed by a supernova.  We documented our findings and the location of the artifacts and forwarded our information to Starfleet Command.  While the Tirpitz is equiped to perform a basic analysis of the find, a well equiped science vessel would have a better chance of possibly unlocking some piece of forgotten technology.  

Turning back the Romulans

As we returned to our patrol route, we were contacted by Commander Genstra.  A small task force of Romulan ships had been detected by our listening posts as it crossed into Federation space.  Their course and speed put them on a route to enter the T’Liss system.  We were ordered to head to T’Liss and ensure that the Romulans didn’t attack any of our holdings in the system.  The Romulans arrived in the system before we did, but it didn’t appear as if they were there to attack.  In fact, the only ships we ended up fighting were the ships that we both managed to detect through their cloaking systems and that we attempted to communicate with.  Perhaps they were sent to test our ability to detect and track cloaked ships.  In any event, after destroying several ships that attacked us, the remaining cloaked ships we detected retreated back into Romulan space.  

Out of Character

I would like to apologize for the delay in getting today’s post up.  Several unexpected visitors and events over the past couple of days led me to burn off the buffer I had been attempting to create.  With any luck, I’ll have something ready to go at my normal time tomorrow. 

So it looks like we were a little a head of schedule in discussing the Hirogen’s connection with holodeck technology yesterday.  Part of today’s mission had them attacking a holo technology research station.  In the game’s storyline (as presented on both the Path to 2409 and the novel tie in), the Federation is trying to replicate the mobile emitter technology introduced in the later half of Voyager’s run to allow the Doctor to leave sickbay.  It seems they want to give all sentient holographic programs the chance to live full and complete lives like any other members of the Federation.  The game makes it clear that the Hirogen want to get their hands on the research, but it doesn’t really explain why they want it.  Given how often the Holodeck seems to break down and endanger the users, one would think that the Hirogen would rather keep hunting holograms in the giant video game deathtrap.  Releasing the holograms out into the real world might actually make the hunts safer. 

The Tkon Empire is a throw back to an episode in the first season of the Next Generation.  It was in the same episode that introduced the Ferengi in all their… glory?  The Tkon were given a background as a highly advanced culture.  It tells about how they had the technology to move star systems if they needed to.  And yet somehow, they were wiped out by a supernova that destroyed the empire’s core worlds.  Much in the same way that the Romulans have been impacted by the Hobus supernova.  To me, that would have been a very interesting connection to make in the game.  Have it set up so that the Romulans had also found a source of Tkon technology, and had blown themselves up in the same way that the ancient empire had.  Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s going to be the case.  Besides the fact that this mission is part of a sector patrol set (which sadly never seem to be expanded upon by the game’s writers), the Memory Alpha entry for the Tkon already mentions what had caused their destruction.


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I just finished the novel tie in, and just got a refresher on the path to 2409 as well, so along with your post here I have more of an understanding of the conflict now.

Anyway, I did notice the posting delay. I usually read your blog during lunch time, when it tells me there’s a new post. I missed that today 😛

Comment by mmogamerchick

Don’t worry, tomorrow’s update shouldn’t be delayed. You know, unless something happens that’s outside my ability to control.

Comment by captainruz

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