Star Trek: Tirpitz

Defending the Psi Velorum Sector

The Tirpitz was en route back to Federation space when we were suddenly attacked.  It took us a minute to identify what hit us.  Somehow, a small group of Hirogen ships had managed to get within weapons range without us detecting them.  Starfleet had received reports of Hirogen vessels being spotted in this region of space.  And from the looks of things, we had accidentally wandered into one of their hunting grounds. 

Rescued by the Einstein

We went to red alert, and I started giving orders to my crew.  Things weren’t looking good for us.  As soon as we managed to break free from the tractor beam one of the enemy ships was using, a different ship would catch us in a new one.  The Hirogen were doing their best to deny us our ability to maneuver.  We were fortunate that the USS Einstein and the USS Falcon both picked up our distress call and were able to assist us.  They bought us the time we needed to go on the offensive. 

Coordinating with the Falcon

We knew it wasn’t going to be a quick fight.  The Einstein was using every trick in the book that their crew new to try to even the odds, while we joined the Falcon in keeping the Hirogen from attacking the science ship.  It was very slow going, but we did start to pick off the attacking ships one at a time.  When it appeared that we had gained an advantage over the remaining Hirogen vessels, they started to retreat from the battle.  We attempted to contact Starfleet command to appraise them of our situation, when the Hirogen received some unexpected reinforcements. 

Romulan reinforcements

We had been so preoccupied with dealing with the Hirogen that we didn’t detect the Romulan task force until they opened fire on us.  They moved into a defensive position, keeping themselves between us and the retreating Hirogen ships.  We’ve faced off against both species before in combat.  But this was the first time we saw them working together like this.  Honestly, I’m not one hundred percent certain that they were working together.  For all we knew, these Romulans had taken part in the battle over Rator prime, followed us once we had left the system, and only attacked once the Hirogen started to retreat.  I was more concerned with keeping my crew alive than I was with finding out why the Romulans were attacking us. 

Targeting their engines

This wasn’t a fight we were going to be able to win.  We had all sustained a moderate amount of damage in battle with the Hirogen.  A prolonged fight with the Romulans was just going to get us destroyed.  We needed to change our tactics.  Instead of trying to destroy the enemy ships, I gave orders to target the Romulan’s propulsion systems.  If we could leave them dead in the water, we had a chance of getting back to Federation space.  It took concentrated fire from all three of us to break through the shields of each of the enemy vessels.  Once we were certain that we wouldn’t be followed, we set a course for Starbase 39 Sierra at our best possible speed. 

Out of Character

So I’ve been dancing around the Hirogen for a while without actually talking about them.  Introduced on Voyager, they are a space going hunter society.  They’re more or less a knock off of the Predator from the films of the same name.  They even going so far as both having a breathing mask they can choose to use.  They weren’t too bad of an addition to the Trek universe in my opinion.  I wasn’t a fan of the way the writers tried to end the threat of the Hirogen.  They had established the race in the series as having a society based on trophy hunting.  Their collections of unusual body parts from prey species showed a male’s social status, and influenced a female’s choice in taking a mate.  So it wasn’t the act of the hunt that was important, but the trophy collected from the hunt that had value.  And Voyager’s crew thought giving them holodeck technology would solve the problem of the Hirogen hunting intelligent species.  A Holodeck.  One of those grid lined rooms on the ship where if you try to take an item out of the room, it disappears.  Am I the only one seeing the problem here?  Did Janeway really think turning the Hirogen into a bunch of achievement point rabid gamers was going to fill the same societal role as hunting?  I’ve got over seven thousand achievement points on my main in WoW, and it has neither improved my social standing nor made me more attractive to the ladies. 

So I guess it’s no wonder they’re back to being bad guys for Star Trek Online.  There’s been a lot of set up in the game to make them allies of the Romulans.  I have to admit that there’s a small part of me that thinks they’d make a fairly decent guard force if you could negotiate the right deal.  “Any non-Romulan ships that come into our space are fair game guys.  Knock yourselves out.”  So far, I’ve only encountered them in space battles.  I’m curious to see what they’re going to be like in a ground fight.  These are guys that sent two hunters to track down one Undine.  I need a few minutes with a five man away team to get one scared enough to retreat.  So a ground fight with the Hirogen may be interesting to try.

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I believe it’s because of half-baked storylines like that which ultimately made my husband dislike Voyager. I’m personally finding the series a lot of fun so far, at least from the few episodes I’ve caught on TV. But now that you mention it, the way they ended the Hirogen threat does seem a little off.

Comment by mmogamerchick

Yeah. Sadly there are more than a few “Wait… what???” moments that came out of Voyager. There’s a few funny in a “ranting at plot holes” way episode reviews up on youtube by this one guy:
I think he’s done a few episodes from every series of Trek, but I think he takes most of his shots at Voyager.

Comment by captainruz

Hate to say it, but Rowan managed to take a couple of squads of Hirogen by herself. A glitch caused her away team to disappear. Granted, she’s a medico with two Mark VI rifles (I love hotswapping weaponry.) So her survivability is excellent.

Comment by rowan

Rowan, to her Away Team: Get to da choppa!
To herself: If it bleeds, I can kill it.

Comment by Adventurer Historian

After defeating the Hirogen, did she say that she would be back or that she was too old for this stuff?

Comment by captainruz

I really hope that’s been fixed recently. I doubt Ruz’s chances to survive without engineering and medical back up.

Comment by captainruz

As soon as I was out of combat, I beamed up, then beamed back down fully staffed.

And I wasn’t declaring my own badass-ness, but the Hirogen ground teams’ punkass-ness. 😛

Comment by rowan

And Voyager’s crew thought giving them holodeck technology would solve the problem of the Hirogen hunting intelligent species. A Holodeck.

My problem isn’t with the “objects disappear once removed from the Holodeck.” My problem is that Holodecks always get bat-shit crazy broken. Just like happened with the Hirogen’s deck.

This SomethingAwful ‘Holodeck janitor journal’ really sums the Holodeck experience.

Comment by Adventurer Historian

I heard from someone that there was a broken Hirogen Holodeck episode, but by that point, I don’t think I was watching as much as I was when the show first started.

Comment by captainruz

I didn’t watch it, Memory-Alpha is your friend.

The Hirogen, uh, turn off all the safety protocols. To, you know, make it a more awesome fight. This was a bad idea. I think the holograms have some sort of Workers’ Revolution, which isn’t as cool as it sounds.

Comment by Adventurer Historian

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