Star Trek: Tirpitz

Saturday’s Child

We recently received orders from Admiral T’nae to assist with an important diplomatic assignment.  A few days ago a Federation envoy was sent to negotiate with the Aelseans for the rights to mine topaline from their planet.  Topaline is a mineral needed to make life support systems and can be used as a way to block sensors.  It’s incredibly rare and impossible to replicate, so a good source of the mineral would be invaluable to the Federation.  The Tirpitz was being sent to the Aelos system to help guard the negotiations.   

When we entered the system, our preliminary scans detected nothing out of the ordinary.  But I didn’t want to get taken by surprise, so we started a patrol sweep through the system with our sensors at their maximum settings.  We picked up the first group of Romulan ships just seconds before they decloaked and opened fire on us.  We were able to successfully defend ourselves and continue our search, which turned up four more ships.  The last group we found included a warbird, which tried to hold us off while its allies set a course for Aleos IV, where the negotiations were taking place.  Once we disabled the warbird, we set a pursuit course to follow the remaining Romulans.   

Romulans versus Klingons


What greeted us when we arrived at Aelos IV surprised me.  The Romulan ships were already engaged in combat, with Klingon ships.  The presence of hostile Romulan forces was worrying enough.  The Klingons forces made things worse.  We needed to ensure the safety of the Federation diplomats on the planet’s surface, so we joined the battle.  The Romulans and Klingons were so busy fighting each other, that we went unnoticed until only one Vor’cha cruiser was left.  Once we disabled the enemy ship, I sent an away team to the surface to make sure the Federation diplomat was alright.   

Defending the princess


To try to avoid a diplomatic incident, we beamed the away team down a few kilometers outside of the village where the negotiations were taking place.  A few minutes after they arrived, the away team encountered an Aelsean woman who identified herself as the daughter of the king the Federation was negotiating with.  She informed us that shortly before the Tirpitz would have arrived in the system, a group of Klingons had arrived on the planet to try to acquire the right to mine the topaline for themselves.  The away team notified us on the ship of this development, and I gave orders to escort the princess back to her village.  I know the Klingons highly value honor, but I didn’t want to risk them taking the woman hostage on the off-chance they needed an extra bargaining chip.  As they approached the village, the away team was assaulted by several squads of Klingon troops.  Thankfully they were able to keep the princess safe until they reached the village.   

The negotiations continue


When the away team reached the village they were welcomed by the king, as well as the Klingon and Federation negotiators.  The Federation representative, Admiral Akaar, hoped that our assistance of the princess would favorably influence the king’s decision in who would get the rights to mine the planet.  While the king was relieved to have his daughter back, he was more concerned about the safety of his people and the planet.  It seems that the Aelseans were a technologically advanced and war like people a few centuries ago, and had reverted to living in a tribal society when they feared that they would destroy themselves.  They had done away with their ships and their weapons of war, but had left a series of satellites in orbit to allow them to communicate with visitors to their planet.  The satellites were also capable of a basic level stellar study, which is how they had detected a large asteroid, which would soon crash into the planet where the Aelseans hunted for food.  The Aelseans didn’t have a way to destroy the asteroid themselves, so the king decided that Which ever of us was able to destroy the threat to his people would be permitted to mine the planets topaline deposits.   

The away team contacted the ship with this information, and I had Mr. Toran scan for the approaching asteroid.  We quickly found it and set an intercept course to destroy it.  As we got within weapons range, we found ourselves under attack by a small Klingon task force.  Several Birds of Prey were trying to stall us while the IKS Kang, under the command of Captain Ja’rod, tried to stop the eliminate the asteroid.  When it looked like we were about to finish off the last of the ships sent to stop us, the Kang joined the battle.  We took a bit of a pounding  from the Klingon ships, and in the end, the Kang retreated before we could finish them off.  It only took a few quantum torpedoes to destroy the asteroid.   

The atmosphere will do the rest


Having completed the challenge, the king decided to allow the Federation to mine their planet.  Admiral Akaar decided to remain on the planet for a few more days to work out all the minor details with the Aelseans.  Once we retrieved our away team, we set a course for Starbase 39-Sierra.   

Out of Character

So to win a mining contract, I had to turn one deadly asteroid into half a dozen still potentially deadly asteroids.  I think I’ve spent a little too much time with my friends over the years talking about how badly the destruction of the second Death Star was going to screw up the Ewok home world.    

I believe I’ve said it before that I grew up watching the Next Generation and later series of Star Trek.  What I’ve seen of the original series is a bit spotty and mostly from the Fan Collective DVD sets.  So I didn’t realize that this mission was a kind of sequel to the original series episode Friday’s Child until Admiral Akaar explained how he acquired his full name.  After reading up on the original episode at Memory Alpha, it seemed that the game mission follows a fairly similar plot.   In both, the crew has to protect a member of a royal family while trying to secure mining rights to the exact same material.  The appearance of the Klingons in Romulan space for the game’s mission was probably done because they were a part of the tv episode as well.  The game is full of references to all things Star Trek, and it’s times like this where I’m wondering how many things I’m missing for every reference I catch.   

It's not the rock she fears


This mission also features what I think of as the bane of all video gamers:  An escort quest.  Almost every time I come across one, there’s something about it that just drives me crazy.  Either the person I’m escorting is slower than molasses, or their dumber than a bag of hammers and will run off to aggro half a dozen extra enemies.  In this case, the main problem I encountered with the princess was a rather large bug.  Along the escort path to the village, there’s a section early on where it looks like there’s a giant boulder in the middle of the road.  The princess is smart enough to path around the obstacle, but the problem is that part of the first Klingon patrol the player encounters spawns inside the boulder.  This made one Klingon impossible to shoot and kill while it was still able to shoot at the princess.  I tried every ability I had access to and I could not stop the Klingon.  The only reason I was able to complete the mission was because of a second bug.  When the princess lost the last of her life, she resumed walking back to her village as if nothing had happened.  I have to wonder if the princess’ zombie routine was a work around that Cryptic had put in place because of the stuck Klingon.


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That’s some wacky bug, I’m glad I never encountered anything like that.

In general, I have nothing against escort quests, sometimes they’re even quite challenging, and I like it when that happens. The only issue I have with escort quests in STO is I like to press “c” to crouch when fighting. Usually, this results in me not being able to see a damned thing because my charge’s butt is filling up my entire screen.

Comment by mmogamerchick

Hah, that’s funny. I didn’t encounter that Klingon. Interesting that I should read this now. just started playing Age of Conan this evening, and one of the first few quests is an escort quest. but unlike so many, this escort just tagged along, didn’t draw agg, and occasionally actually cheered me on. It was great.

Comment by rowan

Maybe it’s just me then. Or maybe it’s just the number of times I’ve ended up rescuing 1 high elf and 4 tauren from various locations around Kalimdor (more on this tomorrow).

Comment by captainruz

Oh, I know what you mean about the escort quests on WoW. Many seem way beyond their stated level to complete.

Comment by rowan

I think the bear captured by the furbolgs in Ashenvale is the worst, just because of the spawn rate of the furbolgs is so high. You’ll clear a path to reach the bear on the way in, and by the time you’re on the way back, the enemies start reappearing right on top of you and the enemies that are spawned as part of the escape.

Comment by captainruz

Not to mention that many escort quests in WoW were designed to be annoying. Like that goblin in Ungoro Crater who would faint every five steps. I think his name was Ringo…good lord I hated that goblin.

Comment by mmogamerchick

Ever try getting Ringo home on a PVP server? I don’t remember if I ever did it.

Comment by captainruz

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