Star Trek: Tirpitz

Sierra Sector Patrol

As we were returning from our shakedown cruise with the Tirpitz B, we received a new set of orders from Starfleet Command.  Commander Genstra sent word that he needed our assistance in helping with a number of situations that had developed in the Sierra sector of the Alpha Centauri sector block.  He hoped that the presence of a Federation starship would be enough to prevent things from getting out of hand.   

Defending the Romulan colony

The major concern for the Federation in the Sierra sector was a colony in the Rhi system.  After the Hobus supernova destroyed the central planets of the Romulan Empire, several of their border colonies have attempted to go independent.  The Rhi colony has been attempting to establish their own governing body and has expressed an interest in developing a relationship with the Federation.  It’s believed, that once they’ve established a solid government, the Rhi colony may ask for admission into the Federation.  The problem is that the Romulan Empire doesn’t want let them go.  It seems Empress Sela wants to use every current and former Romulan world to return the empire to its days of glory, and she’s not above using force to retake what she considers to be rebelling colonies.  We arrived in the system at about the same time as a Romulan task force intent on setting up a blockade of their former world.  Attempts to convince the commander of the enemy forces to peacefully withdraw were unsuccessful.  We ended up getting a chance to test out our new weapons systems in a real world setting, and I have to admit that they were just as effective as what we’ve been using on the last ship I commanded.  After engaging and destroying the command ship of the Romulan forces, the remaining ships retreated from the system.  With any luck, we managed to buy the colony enough time to decide what they want to do for themselves.    

Evasive maneuvers

We were next sent to respond to reports the Federation has received from independent miners working in the Terrh system.  The Federation had a contract with the miners to acquire their supply of viterium.  Over the past few weeks, Reman miners in search of new sources of materials to replace the mines lost after the Hobus disaster had started to scout the system.  Initial encounters between the miners and the Remans had been peaceful.  But over the last few days, several attacks on the miner’s operation had taken place.  We were being sent to sweep the system and clear it of any Reman presence.  As much as the Starfleet dislikes violent confrontation, it was hoped that engaging the invading ships in combat would send a message to look elsewhere to acquire resources.  After our first few encounters, I got the impression that the Remans we were facing weren’t simple miners.  I doubt your average miners would have access to a warbird.  In any event, we were able to deal with the Reman threat and allow normal production to resume in the system.   

Testing weapons against the Hirogen

Recent reports from civilian craft passing through the Sienae system have mentioned a number of encounters with ships that Starfleet Command was able to identify as belonging to an alien race known as the Hirogen.  From previous encounters, Starfleet has learned that the Hirogen are a race of trophy hunters that are willing to hunt anything and any one.  Given the increase in encounters with them in the system, Stafleet believed they had established a base in the region.  Worried about the safety of several colony worlds, we received orders from Starfleet command to attempt to drive the Hirogen out of the system.  We didn’t have to wait long after arriving in the system for our first encounter with the Hirogen.  It seems they were eager to test their skills against a Starfleet vessel.  Fortunately for us, we had already encountered a few Hirogen ships in battle before.  With our previous experience and newly upgraded systems, we were able to defend ourselves from the attack very well.  We reported our success back to Starfleet when we were convinced that the Hirogen forces had abandoned the system.   

Out of Character

Some how it figures that the first mission I attempt after putting together a ground force doesn’t contain any ground combat at all.  This is the second time in a row where a sector patrol mission only has three stops, but it keeps with the pattern established for the patrols of having one stop for each of the major players in the region (in his case the Romulans, the Remans, and the Hirogen).  And it also gave me a chance to try out some of the new skills I trained my older officers with.    

I’m loving Scramble Sensors.  When I first read the description about what it did, for some reason I thought it only targeted one ship.  I was pleasantly surprised the first time I noticed two enemy ships attacking each other.  My only complaint would be that there’s been a few times when I’ve switched targets after destroying one enemy, and found I was accidentally attacking the enemy ship that was still friendly to me for a few more seconds.   It would be nice if the game identified enemy ships hit with a Scramble as friendly until the ability wore off.  

Attack Pattern Omega has been fairly useful, but I feel like I need to hold it in reserve.  It’s supposed to buff damage and turn rate, but I really only use it when I get caught in a tractor beam.  It’s the same way I used to use several class abilities in WoW.  I didn’t care that they would boost some random stat;  I used them to break fear effects.  I still think it’s been a good investment of officer skill points.  I just need to learn when it’s safe to use it for the buff instead of keeping it on hand for a hold that won’t be coming.   

I think my best investment into new skills was Reverse Shield Polarity.  I don’t know if I’m “using it right”, but it’s working good enough for me.  The way write ups about the ability sound, it seems like I should be using it like a shield recharge.  I should be activating it when a few of my shield facings have dropped a bit and I could use this to get them back in the blue.  But I’ve found myself using it more like the Brace for Impact ability.   When I see a barrage of fire coming my way, I turn RSP on to negate the impact of the attack.  Honestly, I think it would work pretty well either way.  But as an escort player that frequently has to do head on attack runs to get the most out of their weapons, coming out of a run with a little bit of forward shield power still remaining is awesome.   

Wait a second...

And it just hit me as I was going through the screenshots I took during this mission why I decided on this look for the Tirpitz B.  When I looked at the above shot, I suddenly realized I had somehow built an overgrown runabout.  I’m not complaining.  I just didn’t realize it when I did it.

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I have relatively the same skills as you it seems, except I have jam sensors instead of scramble because I find I tend to get more solo targets than multiples. I’m thinking of putting scramble on a science officer to switch in and out when I see fit, however, especially if we’ll be involved in more fleet actions.

Attack Pattern Omega is awesome, I remember holding onto that ability for when I’m held in a tractor beam (or effected by viral matrix) too, but after a while the enemies change targets and they don’t use those abilities on you anymore. I still found it very helpful though, now it’s one of my opening abilities in any fight.

And reverse shield polarity is a godsend, I swear it’s a must for all escort pilots. I love popping it when I see a ton of beams coming my way, and it’s like “Muahahaha, keep firing at me, fools, your energy feeds me!”

Comment by mmogamerchick

Oops, when I said enemies change targets, I actually meant to write “tactics”. It does seem like each set of enemies within a certain zone or rank possesses a different repertoire of abilities they like to hit you with.

Comment by mmogamerchick

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