Star Trek: Tirpitz


“Lieutenant Commander Judon Ruz.  For exemplary performance of your duties as acting captain of a Federation starship, for service above and beyond the call of duty on countless occasions, and for earning the respect and admiration of those gathered here as witnesses, I hereby promote you to the rank of Commander, with all the rights and privileges thereto.” 

Congratulations Commander

I have to admit that I was surprised by the promotion.  Given recent events on my track record, I expected it would take months, maybe even a few years, before I would be a Commander.  I wasn’t given much time to be surprised by the news.  I didn’t even get enough time to try out the Pikes Peak Marathon holo program Captain Pierce of the Ulysses sent me after he heard the news.  I suppose I should count myself lucky that the Admirals decided they didn’t want to waste time by tossing me over the side of a wooden sailing ship as part of the very brief ceremony. 

The reason everything was so rushed was because of the number of briefings and training courses my officers and I needed to go through.  Starfleet has spent so much time lately putting out fires all over Federation space, that opportunities for proper supplemental training for previously low ranking officers have been limited.  Speaking with my senior staff, it appeared that we were all scheduled to attend several meetings, on topics ranging from new discoveries in starship shield enhancement to starship battle strategy to methods of creating false sensor readings.  And on top of those, there were a number of “Captain’s eyes only” briefings that I needed to attend on subjects such as Q and… other topics I’m not even sure I’m cleared to discuss in my log entries.  I’m not a regular coffee drinker.  I’m of the opinion that if you need to drink it every day, that it doesn’t do you any good when you really need it.  But after a few days packed full of briefings and symposiums, I found myself starting each morning with a Raktajino. 

The USS Tirpitz B

As part of the promotion, I’m being given the command of a new ship.  It’s a heavy escort class, and I’m told it has a number of similarities with the Oslo class.  Where it’s different is in some of the ships new systems.  Most of the ships in Starfleet are equiped with phaser banks and torpedo launchers.  Escorts are known for being armed with forward facing phaser cannons.  The Tirpitz B will be using experimental plasma cannons in place of the standard phaser cannons.  My understanding is that there’s no real difference as far as maintenance of the system is concerned.  I’m looking forward to going over the reports on the differences between the two systems when I get some free time. 

Major Lyssen Iseli

With a new ship, we’re also getting some new crew.  From the personnel files I’ve had a chance to go over, it looks like we’re getting a number of exceptional graduates from the academy.  But there’s an addition to the crew that I wasn’t expecting.  It seems a detachment of MACO troops is being assigned to the Tirpitz.  I discussed the situation with T’Lol and Mr. Scharf when we had a chance to tour the new ship.  Mr. Scharf wondered if they weren’t being given orders to keep tabs on us and make sure we didn’t “go rogue” again.  I hinted to him that I had requested them so that there would be someone on the ship to tell my first officer to stay on the ship where it’s safe, like he had told me so many times in the past.  In all likely hood, Starfleet just wanted to increase the number of ships carrying MACO squads because of the ongoing war.  I was more concerned about being able to integrate them into the crew.  T’Lol assured me that she would do her best to work with the detachment’s commanding officer, Major Iseli, in having them assist with the ship’s security when their special skills weren’t needed. 

Out of Character

This isn’t exactly how I intended to do the next rank promotion.  There was a small part of me that wanted to try to do a little bit of Worf’s promotion ceremony, as seen in Star Trek: Generations.  Unfortunately – 

Man overboard

– this was the best I could manage.  It appears that swimming is not a skill known by Starfleet captains, even when they visit Risa.  Or more likely, it isn’t needed for any mission, so it wasn’t programmed into the game.  Heaven help us if we end up being sent back in time to rescue an extinct sea animal.  

I spent a bit of time in space dock this time trying to decide on how to train up my bridge officers.  It’s one of those things where I don’t have much experience with the game, so I’m not sure what’s a good power to pick up now for the long run.  For example, I ended up training Scharf with Attack Pattern Omega I at Lt Commander rank because it can break holds, and Romulan warbirds like to hit players with tractor beams.  But I don’t know if it will still be useful down the road when I’m going up against Cardassians or Borg.  I know I can retrain the skill if needed later on.  I just don’t like the idea of wasting bridge officer skill points.  

Gaining a rank also gave me two more bridge officer slots, bringing me to three slots I hadn’t used.  And since I’ve already been using Franklin specifically for medical support on ground missions, I figured I’d create a full set of officers for ground combat.  I’ll be rolling out bios for them as I get time to write them up, which may take a while.  It looks like at the highest rank, a player has room to keep up to ten individual bridge officers.  I think you could maybe get through the game with as few as five officers, six if you want to have crew for both types of admiral rank ships.  I just wonder if this is just planning ahead on the part of the developers.  What rank would we have to be to need ten separate officers for ten separate ship slots?


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Congratulations, Commander.

As I was reading the first few lines of your post, I started wishing there was something like the boat ceremony that we saw in Generations. Then I got to your OOC section and laughed when I saw your attempt.

Looking forward to see your new crew bios, I always enjoy reading those. I also want to take this opportunity to mention that T’Lol is probably the cutest name for a Vulcan female I have ever seen (it’s a compliment, even though T’Lol herself probably wouldn’t appreciate it).

Comment by mmogamerchick

T’Lol is a carry over from open beta. One of the Vulcan bridge officers I picked up back then was randomly given that name. It’s a one letter change from T’Pol, which was the Vulcan female in Enterprise. I decided I had to keep it, and then later recreate it once the game went live, because of the irony factor. A vulcan, the alien race best known for keeping their emotions in check, with LOL in their name. I’m sure that if the crew ever gets sent back in time to today, and one of the locals ever picked up on that fact, that T’Lol would mention how illogical it is to derive amusement from someone’s given name. =-}

Thank you for the congratulations and for the enjoyment of my weird sense of humor.

Comment by captainruz

A-frickin-mazing. I love sitting stopping by to see how the crew of the Tirpitz, of whatever letter, is doing. You do a great job of storytelling.

And congratulations on your promotion.

Comment by rowan

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