Star Trek: Tirpitz

Teneebia Sector Patrol.

We were contacted by Commander Genstra with new orders.  He’s received a number of reports from various systems in the sector that needed Starfleet’s attention.  Our orders were to investigate  the situation in each system, resolve the problem if we were able to do so on our own, and report back our findings to Starfleet Command.  

Battling Reman raiders

Out first destination was also the most important.  Starfleet has received several reports of raids on Federation storage depots in the Eirhess system.  The depots usually contain a variety of objects, mostly items that Federation colonies and outposts might need in an emergency.  Recent evidence suggested that it was a small group of Remans that were staging the raids.  We were being sent to the Eirhess system to patrol for the Reman ships.  Our patrol was also to coincide with the next scheduled supply delivery.  We were hoping to catch them in the act.  Fortunately, the plan worked.  We encountered three Birds of Prey at first.  After we disabled the first few Reman ships, a couple of escorts joined the fight, attempting to assist their allies.  We took a couple of good hits in the battle, but it wasn’t long before the remaining Reman ships appeared to retreat.  After they left, we performed a thorough scan of the system to insure there weren’t any cloaked ships we had missed still in hiding before we continued to our next destination.  

Scanning the Romulan generators

Reports of unusual energy readings from Elvren IV brought us there to investigate.  When we arrived in orbit of the planet, our sensors picked up a cluster of several unidentified devices on the planet that appeared to be the source of the energy readings.  We sent down an away team to further investigate the devices.  The away team was able to determine that the devices were Romulan power generators.  They were also able to determine that the generators had been recently constructed and activated.  This gave us an opportunity to get some detailed scans and increase our understanding of Romulan technology.  When the away team returned to the ship, we forwarded our findings to Starfleet Command.  I would expect Starfleet to increase patrols of the Elvren system to prevent the Romulans from attempting to set up a research base on the planet.  

Scanning the unusual asteroids

As we were returning from out patrol, we were hailed by the ruling council of an Icari settlement.  They requested our assistance in assessing a threat to their planet.  Their sensors had detected several asteroids that had drifted into orbit above their planet.  They were concerned that the orbit of these asteroids may deteriorate, causing them to crash into the planet.  When we arrived in the system, we picked up a very faint Starfleet transponder signal.  The signal eventually led us to one of the recently arrived asteroids.  Our investigation revealed the remains of the USS Fleming.  The Fleming had been missing for over twenty years.  Our records show that it had been part of a medical convoy to assist the Romulan empire in 2387, after the Hobus supernova.  It was lost and believed destroyed after an encounter with the Romulan mining ship the Narada.  How it ended up inside an asteroid is a bit of a mystery.  We completed our assessment, and let the Icari know that the asteroids should not be a threat to their world.  We also contacted Starfleet Command with our findings, and were informed that they would be sending a recovery crew to retrieve the remains of the Flemming.  

We are currently en route back to starbase.  There’s something troubling me about the Flemming.  I haven’t heard of anything yet that was capable of merging a ship into an asteroid before.  If what happened was part of the Flemming’s battle with the Narada, it would mean that the Romulans may have access to a very dangerous weapon.  If, however, the Flemming ended up in that asteroid because of some unknown device it was carrying…  then I have to wonder why a rescue ship would be equiped with experimental technology.  

Out of Character

This patrol only had three systems to investigate, as opposed to most of the previous sector patrols which had four.  Of course, the previous sector patrols had several different alien species or organizations to cover.  There were times during the first sector patrols where it felt like you’d get one mission for the Gorn, one for the Orions, one for the Naussicans, and one for the Klingons.  So far, I’ve only encountered the Romulans in the Alpha Centauri region, so they devs don’t exactly need several missions to highlight all the different organizations yet. 

The Eirhess system mission attempts to introduce Remans to the game.  The Remans were part of the Romulan empire that was introduced in Star Trek: Nemesis.   Their appearance always made me think of them as “space Nosferatu”.  And I say this mission attempts to introduce them to the game, because in my opinion it doesn’t do all that great of a job.  It’s a space based mission, without any face to face contact between the player and the Remans raiding the system.  And since they use Romulan ships the player has already encountered, the player is basically just fighting enemies they’ve already encountered with just a different name.   

The discovery of the USS Fleming is an interesting twist to the Icari system mission.  After spending many a road trip in my youth playing the Next Generation video game for the original Gameboy (geeze I’m old), as soon as I saw the words “asteroids approaching planet”, I jumped to “evacuate the planet” as what I was going to need to do.  But finding the lost ship reminded me of  a couple of episodes of Next Generation that I hadn’t seen in a while.  In The Next Phase, an accident involving a Romulan ship leaves Geordi and Ensign Ro out of phase with the rest of the world, allowing them to pass through objects.  And in The Pegasus, the Enterprise is sent to retrieve a missing prototype ship that appeared to suffer the same fate as the Fleming in-game.  The reason Ruz is uncertain of what may have happened to the Fleming is really because I’m not sure what’s going to happen.  From the two episodes I’ve described above, what happened to the Fleming could point to either the Romulans or the Federation continuing their research into phasing matter.   

I’m just worried that since this is part a sector patrol mission, that it won’t get expanded upon.  All of the other sector patrol missions I’ve done so far haven’t really been connected to the rest of the game’s storyline.  I think they’ve got a good hook here for something they can explore further here, and I’m worried that this is all it’s going to be.


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You know, even though “The Pegasus” is one of my favorite TNG episodes, I didn’t make the the connection when I did the patrol. It would be interesting for Cryptic to pursue. But you’re right, the patrol missions seem be one-offs.

Comment by rowan

I honestly had forgotten about “The Pegasus” as well, but I recently got my hands on the Captain’s Log DVD set, which includes the series finale for Enterprise. “These Are the Voyages…” is an Enterprise story told as a Holodeck program run by Riker during the events of “The Pegasus”. So I ended up looking it up to know what happened to Riker when he made his choice.

Comment by captainruz

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