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Exploring the Khazan Cluster
April 16, 2010, 9:20 am
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Among the Starfleet officers I met when the Tirpitz first arrived at Starbase 39-Sierra was a Saurian scientist named Anek.  Lieutenant Anek had been assigned to monitor and collect data from the Federation’s exploration efforts near the starbase, much in the same way Lieutenant Grall does from Earth spacedock.  It would seem that the two Lieutenants communicate fairly frequently, as Anek appeared to know more about our exploration efforts for Lieutenant Grall than I had expected.  Anek used our track record of exploration to convince Admiral T’nae to let us assist him in charting the Khazan cluster, an unexplored region of space near the Federation’s border with the Romulans.  

Detecting an unknown alloy

Our first assignment was to the Lambda Sculptoris N-NYT system.  When we arrived, our sensors picked up several unusual energy readings.  We spent a few days performing extensive scans of the system, collecting numerous samples of various materials.  Most noticeably, we collected an unknown alloy sample which I’m sure will keep the researchers at Memory Alpha busy for quite a while.  We forwarded our preliminary findings on to Lieutenant Anek, notifying him of the samples we would be bringing back the next time we returned to the starbase.  

surveying the system

Our survey of the Gamma Majoris LH-178 system was somewhat less eventful.  While the nebulas did provide quite an impressive sight, our scans turned up fairly average data on the system.  We did collect several radiation samples for study, but they weren’t out of the ordinary for the stellar phenomena that would occur naturally in a similar system.  

The Adelko home world

When we entered the Upsilon Crateris 4124 Omega system, we were surprised to pick up a subspace signal from one of the planets.  It was a low band signal that the Federation had not used in years.  The technology required to produce the signal suggested an early warp age culture.  We entered orbit of the planet and attempted to establish contact with the source of the signal.  We had the pleasure of establishing first contact with an alien race that calls itself the Adelko.  The Adelko had only recently been able to break the warp barrier, and had started exploring the planets within their own solar system.  Unfortunately for them, their exploration had exposed them to an unusual pathogen which was now spreading through their population.  I requested that they send a transmission with all the data they had available on the illness to us for Dr. Franklin to look over.  After cross referencing the Adelko’s information with our own records, Dr. Franklin was able to determine that the disease in question was something that Starfleet Medical had encountered before.  We contacted Starfleet Command to appraise them of the situation, and a science vessel with the appropriate medical supplies, as well as a diplomatic team, was being sent to assist the Adelko.  

Out of Character

The only race the Borg didn't want

Khazan Cluster.  Not Kazon Cluster.  Back to the depths of the delta quadrant with you.  

For someone who doesn’t do all that much crafting on Memory Alpha, getting two missions to collect data samples is a little frustrating.  Looking at the update release calendar for the game, it looks like there’s a fair chance that we’ll receive a patch that does something to Memory Alpha before the end of the month.  It feels to me like it’s still a little too close to game’s launch to expect a complete overhaul of the game’s crafting system.  Still, I’m hoping there will be something in the update that will make carrying around three rows worth of materials in my ship’s inventory worth while.  

Starbase 39-Sierra's provisions vendor

The Adelko encounter was a fairly standard provision delivery mission.  But they were asking for an item, Antigens, that took me a while to find.  As expected, the exploration sector didn’t have any cargo ships to trade with, just like all the other exploration missions that have come before.  But the Alpha Centauri sector didn’t seem to have any flying around either when I was looking for them.  So I headed back to the vendor on Earth spacedock to pick up what I needed.  Except he didn’t have any Antigens.  It took me a while to figure out that the provisions vendor on Starbase 39-Sierra had what I was looking for.  The interface for this vendor was a little strange at first.  He had two entries for the Antigens I needed.  One looked like a trade in, where I could purchase Antigens by giving him any left over Medical supplies I may have had in my inventory.  I like the idea here, but it could use better implementation.  From the way it works, you need to trade in four Medical supplies to get one Antigen.  I don’t think I’ve ever collected enough medical supplies to even purchase one Antigen this way.  I guess it’s a good way to clean house if you’re one of the few people who has several stacks of supplies ready on the off-chance you need them while exploring.  Otherwise, you’ll just end up clicking on the other Antigen entry.  An entry which doesn’t have a listed price.  An entry that when you click the buy button, asks if you want 50 Antigens.  The price for one Antigen seems to be 400 energy credits, at least at the time this was written.  The only other place I could find them was on the exchange, and I wouldn’t be surprised if people are taking advantage of how hard they are to find and the unknown cost to buy Antigens to sell them at a much inflated price.  So, buyer beware and all that.


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I remember this, and yeah I did the whole Earth spacedock run too before I realized what I needed were at Starbase 39.

I’m with you on the crafting system, I hope whatever’s coming will make hoarding all this anomalous data worth it. But I guess anything will be better than the joke of a system we have now…seriously, one of the most popular posts on my blog is an article where I do nothing but berate Commander Romaine.

Comment by mmogamerchick

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