Star Trek: Tirpitz

Under the Cover of Night

We’ve received our first set of orders from Admiral T’nae, and they appeared to be of vital importance to the security of the Federation.  Franklin Drake, a Starfleet officer working for the Federation Council, had gone rogue.  Given his position as an intelligence analyst for the council, he had almost unlimited access to some of the Federation’s most top-secret information.  Starfleet was concerned that he would attempt to sell what he knew to the Romulans.  Our mission was to locate Drake and take him into custody. 

Scanning for Drake

T’Lol’s investigation into Drake’s history revealed that he had several contacts within the Orion Syndicate.  She theorized that he may attempt to use them to find a buyer for his information.  She also suggested we start our search in the Agrama system, a Syndicate run smuggling depot on the edge of Romulan space that several of Drake’s associates called home.  When we arrived in the system, we found that our passive sensors were almost useless.  The amount of asteroids and debris in the system was going to make our search for Drake difficult.  Mr. Toran was able to reconfigure our sensors to look for the unique chemical composition the Federation uses for its data rods, but we would need to perform active scans of the depot in order to locate them.  The “local authorities”, which were already unhappy to see us, were less than pleased when we started our search of “their goods”.  We ended up having to defend ourselves from several light attack craft, a battle cruiser, and the depot’s automated defenses before our search located Drake. 

Drake's ship destroyed

When we did find Drake, we hailed his ship in an attempt to end things peacefully.  He replied stating that he would rather fight than face life imprisonment in a Federation brig somewhere.  I gave orders to disable his ship so we could beam Drake aboard.  We weren’t expecting his ship to suddenly explode.  According to our sensors, we didn’t seem to have hit any of the ship’s vital systems.  At least we were sure we didn’t hit anything that would have caused a chain reaction to destroy the ship.  It was only after further review of our sensor logs that we determined that Drake had activated the ship’s self destruct system just before beaming down to the surface of a nearby planet. 


I sent Mr. Scharf with an away team to the surface to locate Drake, warning him to expect anything as the planet was likely under Syndicate control.  Members of the Orion Syndicate were the first resistance the away team encountered, having been sent to investigate the unexpected transporter activity.  Eventually that started to change.  Mr. Scharf stated that he believed he was on the right track as the Orion guards trying to stop the away team eventually gave way to groups of Romulan centurions.  Eventually, the away team caught up with Drake, who was arguing with a Romulan commander.  As the away team approached, Drake was beamed off the planet under the orders of the Romulan commander.  The commander then politely introduced himself to Mr. Scharf as Teleb, and explained that he had beamed Drake on board to protect him.  Teleb also commented that any attempt to take Drake into our custody would be looked on as an act of war, before he beamed up to his ship. 

The Romulan Warbird attacks

We quickly retrieved our away team and then attempted to contact the D’deridex-class Romulan warbird that decloaked in orbit.  Commander Teleb explained his view of the situation.  Drake had requested political asylum from the Romulan Star Empire.  I explained that we weren’t just going to let them leave with Drake.  Commander Teleb commented that he was sorry to hear that before he had his ship catch the Tirpitz in a tractor beam and open fire on us.  We returned fire, and one of our shots disabled the warbird’s tractor beam long enough to maneuver.  I still hoped we could end this without any major bloodshed between the Romulans and the Federation, so I ordered T’Lol to attempt to disable the ship while we sent an encoded message back to Admiral T’nae to appraise her of our situation.  It appeared that the crew of the Romulan vessel wasn’t under similar orders, as they fired several heavy weapons at us.  It took some time, but eventually we were able take the Romulan’s shields offline, which gave us a chance to beam Drake to our ship.  

Romulan reinforcements

With Drake onboard, we received good news and bad news.  The good news was that the Admiral had diverted the USS Lakota to assist us.  The bad news was that Teleb’s reinforcements had already arrived.  It seemed like Commander Teleb took great pleasure in hailing us just to gloat that his allies would soon succeed in destroying us like he had failed to do.  Our sensors picked up a Mogai-class cruiser and several Romulan Birds of Prey.  We held our own as best we could until the Lakota arrived.  When the Lakota arrived, the Romulans made a hasty retreat from the battle.  We hailed the Lakota, thanking them for their assistance, and were informed that Admiral T’nae wanted us to transfer Drake to the Lakota for transport to a Federation holding facility.  We did so, and just before the Tirpitz and the Lakota were about to go our separate ways, we received an unexpected coded message from the Lakota.  

It was Drake himself, wanting to thank us for our part in helping to sell the Romulans on his status as a traitor to the Federation, saying that it would now be much easier for him to get into the Empire as a double agent to feed the Romulans false information.  He also made a strange remark about something called Section 31 being impressed with our actions, and they would be sure to get in contact with us soon. 

Out of Character

I feel dirty.  I had heard that Section 31 made an appearance in the game, but I honestly wasn’t expecting them to show up until I had reached Cardassian space.  That’s probably just because the organization was introduced in Deep Space Nine.  Section 31 is a black ops organization within the Federation.  It doesn’t officially exist, the few attempts to investigate its existence in the past have gotten stonewalled, and what we do know of its activities definitely don’t mesh well with the high moral position the Federation likes to uphold.  I’m curious to see what else Cryptic has in mind for Section 31 in the game, but I’m not sure I want to run the Tirpitz crew through it, as I want to keep them as good guys. 

The Orion Syndicate’s presence in the mission I think illustrates how they’re going to be used going forward.  Originally, I just figured they were another part of the Klingon Empire.  The Klingons had conquered the Gorn.  I’m not sure about the Naussicans.  I think they were either conquered as well or there’s some kind of alliance.  And I thought the same thing about the Orions.  As such, I figured when I moved away from the Klingon war, that I wouldn’t be encountering those four groups anymore.  It seems I was wrong.  From their use in this mission, it looks like the Orion Syndicate is being used as some kind of galactic criminal organization.  Which I guess I could have looked up on Memory Alpha and known much earlier than now. 

This mission also is the player’s first encounter with the Romulans.  Their encounter is rather short.  The player gets into a little bit of ground and space combat with them, but not really enough in my opinion to really get a feel for what combat with them is going to be like.  The ground combat felt mostly like generic soldiers.  There were no “oh crap, kill it!” moments like there are when the players goes up against Klingon Swordmasters.  The appearance of the Next Generation era warbird in space was a little intimidating.  Two of those things were supposed to be a serious threat to the Enterprise-D, and here I am two ship ranks lower face to face with one.  I am definitely looking forward to more run ins with the Romulans.


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I think Cryptic has done okay with the Section 31 stories so far, and I assume there should be more because the one I remember doesn’t seem to be the one you described here. It’ll be interesting to see what Ruz will think.

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