Star Trek: Tirpitz

Heading Out

We’ve received new orders from Admiral Quinn.  The Tirpitz is being reassigned to work under Admiral T’nae, who is in charge of the Starfleet’s presence in the Alpha Centauri sector.  It seems our track record during the Klingon war has made an impression.  We’ve been ordered to report to  Starbase 39 in the Sierra system.  

Damar Kahn

We’ve also been ordered, since it’s on our route, to pick up Damar Kahn from Starbase 114.  Kahn is a well-known Trill scientist.  He was heading to Starbase 39-Sierra to meet up with the USS Tucker, which would take him to study the remains of the Hobus supernova.  

Admiral T'nae

Our trip to the starbase was thankfully uneventful.  It gave the crew time to relax a little.  When we finally arrived, I was given the opportunity to meet the officers in charge of the station.  Besides T’nae,there was also Admiral Zelle, who was introduced as an expert on Romulans.  I also got a chance to briefly meet Commander Argus Genstra, who was in charge of organizing Federation patrols of the region.  After introductions, I was told I would be given a brief period of time to familiarize myself with the region, as well as with the station itself.  It’s a bit smaller, and doesn’t offer quite as much as Earth’s spacedock, but at least it’s a closer location to travel to if the Tirptiz is badly in need of repairs. 

Out of Character

Starbase 39-Sierra

A quick entry for a quick mission.  The player is ordered to pick up a passenger in the Celes sector and take him to Starbase 29-Sierra, which looks like it’s the player hub for the Romulan section of the game.  

The starbase is fairly sparse, but it’s got the basics covered.  Players can buy provisions and really basic gear, as well as gain access to their banks, the game’s mail system, and the exchange.  It looks like the player still has to return to Earth spacedock to change costumes, acquire new ships, or spend badges.  But as far as a place to empty some storage space, this does nicely.  It’s placement in the game, however, I almost want to call redundant.  It’s so close to the Earth spacedock, that I don’t know why Cryptic felt a need to place all this where it is.  I guess you could argue that they needed a place for the region’s quest givers.  Which, they could have just placed out on Memory Alpha, giving the players a better reason to go there. 

Everything you need, all in one room

I guess the reason this is bothering me is because we could have used a minor starbase closer to Klingon space.  If your inventory filled up out in the Pi Canis sector, you had to warp back to Earth to unload, and then spent the next five to ten minutes as your ship slowly dragged itself back out to the front line.  The closest we come to a front line base in the Klingon sector is Starbase 24, and that’s under constant Klingon attack.

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