Star Trek: Tirpitz

Mempa Sector Patrol

The surveillance array


Commander Sulu has ordered the Tirpitz to the Eriksson system.  The system is home to a large, long-range surveillance array that has been critical in getting advance warning of Klingon fleet movements.  Over the past few days, the array has been reporting some rather strange readings.  We were sent to run a series of diagnostics on the array.  When we arrived, our sensors picked up a number of Klingon ships in the system.  They appeared to be on an intercept course for the  array, probably to damage or destroy our listening post.  We engaged the Klingon task force, which was composed mostly of Birds of Prey.  With the threat eliminated for the time being, we were able to run several tests on the array, and determined that it was functioning normally.  

In Naussican controled space


Commander Sulu then ordered us to investigate the array’s findings.  It had picked up some anomalous readings from an asteroid field in the Vesper system.  The Federation’s initial scans of the system had found nothing of any importance or value.  Now, however, the array was detecting several asteroids  with an anomalous elemental composition.  The Vulcan Science Academy wanted us to verify the array’s readings.  The difficulty in this survey was that between the time the Federation had first investigated the system and now, a group of Naussicans pirates had decided to use the asteroid field as their base of operations.  We knew that if the Naussicans detected our presence in their base, they would attack us.  Fortunately, we were able minimize our contact with the Naussican forces.  We managed to successfully scan three of the asteroids before they noticed our presence.  We were able to complete our survey after disabling the Naussican ships.  Regrettably, the readings we had been sent to investigate turned out to be false.  

Running the Klingon blockade


It was at that point that were ordered to assist a Federation colony in the Ceron System.  Elements of the Klingon Defense Force’s fifth fleet had set up a blockade of the system.  When the blockade was detected by the colonists, they attempted to start an evacuation.  The first civilian ship that attempted to leave the system was destroyed by the Klingons.  This left the remaining colonists stranded on the planet’s surface, fearfully waiting for Klingon ground forces to invade.  Our orders were to engage the Klingon forces.  We needed to open a hole in the blockade to allow the colonists to evacuate the planet.  When we arrived in the system, we were quickly assaulted by the Klingon ships.  We were able to defend ourselves from the assault successfully, buying time to evacuate the planet.   

Scanning ship wreckage


Our next stop was the Lilitu system.  Starfleet Command provided us with a list of ships that had gone missing in the sector.  They suspect that an asteroid field in the Lilitu system  was being used by pirates and raiders as a place to dispose of ships they had captured and destroyed.  While the system was usually empty, a patrol by the USS Parsons had recorded an increase in Orion activity, as well as several new “suspicious” pieces of debris.  The Tirpitz was being sent to carry out the investigation, because we would be better equiped to deal with the Orions if they should choose to attack.  It was a good thing we were sent to handle the situation, because the Orions did choose to attack.  We were able to fight off the Orion attackers and scan the wreckage of several ships.  Our scans did identify several of the wrecks as missing freighters.  

Disabling the Klingon base


One of the destroyed ships we scanned had not been reported lost.  After establishing a connection with the ship’s computer core, we determined that the ship had been attacked by Klingon forces in the M’rade system.  We also learned that the attack had occurred recently, and that some of the ship’s crew had attempted to escape using  the ship’s runabout.  We set a course for the M’rade system at maximum warp, in the hopes that we could find and rescue the crew before the Klingons had a chance to finish them off.  When we arrived in the system, we picked up a faint emergency transponder signal from the runabout.  But a Klingon base in the system was jamming local frequencies, making it difficult for us to locate the source of the emergency signal.  We attempted to disrupt the Klingon base’s ability to jam communications, which drew several Klingon ships that attempted to stop us.  After defeating the Klingon forces and disabling the base, we attempted to locate the runabout.  After scanning several false signals, and encountering several more Klingon ships that were also searching for the ship, we made contact.  They had been doing their best to remain hidden from the Klingons, only broadcasting their emergency signal briefly.  To help us locate them, they reactivated the emergency beacon at full power.  Of course, this also drew a Negh’var cruiser out of hiding.  We engaged the cruiser, and were able to disable it long enough to beam the crew of the runabout aboard and warp out of the system.  

Out of Character

After reaching a climax in the conflict with the Klingons, it feels like I didn’t do this patrol at the right time.  From what I’m looking at with the missions that are coming up for me, it seems like I’m going to soon be sent to another sector of space, far from Klingon space.  So if this is the end of the Federation/Klingon war storyline (excluding PVP missions), then it kind of ended with a whimper instead of a bang for me.  And that’s really my fault I guess.  By now I should know that the patrol missions don’t really advance the story in a sector all that much.  So from here out, I think I’ll probably attempt to do patrol missions before I do episode missions of an equal level.  

I’m also beginning to wonder about how I’m going to continue to level.  So far, I’ve just been playing pretty much the same way I’ve been writing up logs here.  Which means that for things like exploration missions, fleet actions, and sector defense missions, I’ve only done enough to complete them once and then wrote about how it went here.  As a side effect, I’ve been running low on missions that are equal level for my captain to do.  I think I’ve found a couple that should bridge the gap for now (assuming I’m able to complete some of them).  But I’m wondering if the way I’ve been keeping this blog is going to hinder my game play eventually.  To acquire some pieces of equipment for a ship, it’s an easy thing to keep doing exploration missions to farm badges.  And by farming the repeatable missions for badges the player ends up grinding out extra experience.  I’m just worried that two or three entries about doing the same exploration mission over and over is going to be as boring to write as it may be to read.


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