Star Trek: Tirpitz

Hromi Sector Patrol

After returning Lieutenant Paris to the USS Kirk, we received orders from Commander Sulu to assist with a patrol of the Hromi Sector.  The sector is along the edge of Federation space, and with the continuing Klingon war, systems that were safe in Federation space one day find themselves behind the enemy lines the next.  The Tirpitz was being sent to check up on several systems, and to provide assistance if needed.  

Dismantling a mine field


The Veyga system is home to several mining outposts for the Federation.  The Tirpitz received a distress call from one of those outposts when we arrived in the system.  It seemed the Gorn had modified their ship capture tactics to prevent mining in the system.  By deploying a series of mines around each of the outposts, the miners were unable to gather minerals from the asteroid field or deliver the shipments of minerals they have already processed.  We made a sweep of the system, making sure each of the outposts was clear of explosive mines.  As we made the rounds, we did encounter several Gorn ships that attempted to prevent us from dismantling the mine fields.  In the end, we were successful in restoring order to the system.  

Protecting the USS Bale


We set a course for the next system on our patrol route, and we were on our way there when we picked up a distress call from the USS Bale.  The Bale was a Federation science vessel on assignment to catalogue gaseous anomalies in the Kafferi system.  They reported that they had come under attack by a task force of Naussican ships.  We arrived to find the Bale being assaulted by several light cruisers.  We engaged the Naussicans, attempting to draw their fire away from the lightly armored science ship.  It was a long fight, mostly because the Naussicans attacked in waves.  Just as we managed to destroy the last ship that had been attacking, another group of Naussicans would arrive and continue the attack.  At one point a Naussican battleship warped into the system to engage the Bale.  With the amount of damage the Bale had taken over the course of the battle, it wasn’t likely to survive a focused assault from the battleship.  We switched targets, and let the new arrival have it with everything we had.  A lucky phaser blast disabled the battleship’s shields long enough for us to destroy the ship with a barrage of quantum torpedos.  With the Naussicans in retreat, the Bale was able to set a course for a nearby starbase in order to make repairs.  

The Gorn approach the research station


We then went to check up on the research station in the Vor System.  Bran Mhat and his science team had been working on several peaceful experiments in the system.  The Gorn however, have repeatedly accused the Federation of performing weapons research on the station.  We hailed the station when we arrived, and they didn’t report any problems.  As we were preparing to leave, long-range sensors picked up a Gorn task force entering the system.  We took up a defensive position in orbit of the station.  The station’s security team joined us in attempting to defend the station using the station’s small shuttle.  Together, we were successful in turning back the first couple of attack waves the Gorn launched.  After defeating a few waves, Mr. Toran started to pick up elevated tachyon levels.  We suspected that a cloaked ship was approaching the station, and it wasn’t long before a Negh’var cruiser appeared and proved our theory correct.  We engaged the Klingons, trying to keep ourselves between the war ship and the station.  After a brief battle, the Negh’var was destroyed and the system was clear of any other Gorn or Klingon ships.  The crew of the research station thanked us for our assistance and we set a course to continue our patrol.  

Fighting Orion Syndicate fighters.


We were then contacted by the Federation colony in the Maiewski system.  They reported to us that their mining efforts had recently come under attack by Orion Syndicate raiders.  The colony wasn’t a mining outpost for the Federation.  The colony only mined the asteroid ring around the planet it was on to supply raw materials for the colony’s replicators.  Neither the colony nor the asteroids had anything of any value to the Syndicate.  On the other hand, an attack on the colony’s mining efforts would be the easiest way to disrupt the colony’s ability to sustain itself.  The head of the colony asked for us to patrol the planet’s rings, and to drive off any Orion Syndicate ships.  Most of the Orion ships we encountered were simple fighter craft.  The Orion’s had not expected or wanted a direct confrontation, so they weren’t prepared to deal with a heavily armed starship like the Tirpitz.  After destroying several attack craft that engaged us, most of the Orion forces left the system.  We reported back to the colony, which assured us that they would be capable of restoring the damaged mining equipment on their own.   

Out of Character

It looks like we’ve gotten a new mission type on his patrol.  For the Kafferi and Vor systems, the player is expected to defend a ship or location from several waves of enemy ships.  I find myself torn on my opinion of those missions.  On the plus side, the player just has to stay in one spot and wait for the enemy ships to spawn for the player to deal with them.  Which means they don’t have to go to full impulse to go from one section of a system to the next to find the enemy, and end up throwing their ship’s energy levels out of balance by going to full speed.  I also have to say that I liked that both the Bale and the research station launched at least a fighter to assist in the defense.  I didn’t notice any real benefit to having them around, but it was still a nice addition.  The downside, at least as a player flying around in an escort, is that the enemies seem to spawn in at random locations around the base or ship you’re attempting to defend.  I think both times that I got to the final enemy ship of the assault, the big battle cruisers, they both warped into the system directly behind me.  So for the first few moments of the fight, I’ve only got one phaser that can target the new bad guy.  I would guess that the one problem I had wasn’t quite so bad for players in a cruiser class ship.


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