Star Trek: Tirpitz

The Ultimate Klingon

With repairs completed to the Tirpitz, we received new orders from Admiral Quinn.  During our time in spacedock, reports have come in of increased attacks on civilian craft by the Klingons and their allies.  From the reports Starfleet received on the attacks, the Klingons stole all the medical supplies they could manage from the ships they boarded.  The Tirpitz was ordered to the Korvat system to contact an Andorian doctor named P’Trell, one of the Federation’s top medical researchers, who may be able to determine what the Klingons have in mind for their plunder. 

Attacked by the Gorn

When we entered orbit of the planet, we were unable to hail the medical facility.  We soon discovered why when a couple of  Gorn ships appeared on our sensors approaching from the planet’s polar area.  It was a small force.  One battle cruiser and three light attack craft.  They probably didn’t want to draw attention to their presence by sending a larger force.  We were able to successfully defend ourselves from the Gorn ships, and with them destroyed, we attempted to contact the medical facility a second time.  We still received no response, even without the Gorn jamming our transmissions.  I decided to send Mr. Scharf with an away team to find out what was happening on the planet’s surface. 

Fighting Klingon ground forces

When the away team arrived, their tricorders detected Klingon and Gorn life signs as well as disruptor fire.  Mr. Scharf led his away team through the facility, engaging several groups of both Klingons and Gorn, as they attempted to locate the station’s personnel.  The away team was successful in preventing the Klingon forces from abducting P’Trell.  The away team questioned P’Trell to see if he could shed any light on what Klingons were after.  He informed us that the Klingons had wanted to know everything he knew about genetic modification.  P’Trell’s specialty is gerontology, the study of aging.  His research has been into trying to find ways to treat degenerative diseases through genetic modification.  The Klingons, however, were more concerned with using genetic modification for augmentation, a field of research that’s been outlawed since the end of the Eugenics Wars.  It seems the Klingons want to build better soldiers. 

While Mr. Scharf was interviewing P’Trell, a Klingon ship decloaked and attacked the Tirpitz.  We defended ourselves from the first assault.  As it was just one ship, it was possible that the Klingons were still attempting to keep this operation a secret.  T’Lol suggested that if we were able to disable the ship instead of destroy it, that she might be able to download portions of the Klingon computer core.  I told her to do it, and it wasn’t long before the enemy ship was operating without weapons or shields.  Once disabled, T’Lol attempted her download.  It was at that point that we were hailed by Captain K’mtak of the IKS Dugh.  He didn’t actually want to talk.  The only thing he said was that today was a good day to die and to order his ship to increase to ramming speed.  We ordered evasive maneuvers, and we managed to avoid collison with the Klingon ship.  Soon after, the Klingon ship exploded.  With the threat ended for the time being, we beamed the away team back to the ship. 

A stealthy approach

From the information T’Lol managed to download from the Dugh, we were able to determine the ship’s orders.  They had been sent to take bio-mimetic gel from the Korvat medical facility and to transport it to a Klingon outpost on H’atoria.  With what we learned from P’Trell, we suspected that the Klingons had set up an augmentation facility on H’atoria.  We notified Starfleet Command of our findings, and received orders to cross the border into Klingon space and find out what was happening on H’atoria.  When we arrived in the H’atoria system, we detected multiple Klingon ships in orbit of the planet.  If any of them had picked us up on sensors, I don’t think we would have been able to escape the system in one piece.  Fortunately, we were able to use a debris field to mask our arrival and to approach close enough to the planet to send an away team down. 

Poor visibility

The away team arrived in the middle of a snow storm, reducing visibility.  While it helped to hide their movements towards the facility we had detected on the planet’s surface, it also ment that they didn’t notice several patrols until they had almost walked right into them.  The amount of ships in orbit should have given us an idea of just how heavily guarded the facility would be on the ground.  Given Starfleet’s record of interfering in the Klingon’s plans of late, they probably beefed up security at the facility.  The away team moved slowly, trying to reduce the odds of being spotted, and only engaging the patrols that they couldn’t find a path around. 

Amar Singh

When they finally entered the facility, Dr. Franklin detected several unusual life signs in the lab.  It soon became apparent that the lab had been alerted to the away team’s arrival by one of the patrols, and as a response, several of the lab’s experiments had been released to deal with the intruders.  The away team had to defend itself from several augmented Gorn soldiers.  As the away team progressed through the lab, they encountered several other Gorn that had died before the away team got there.  Looking over the experiment’s logs, most of them had been killed by the attempt to augment them, but several had been killed by the lab’s personnel when the genetic manipulation had driven the Gorn insane.  When the away team entered the main lab, they were surprised to discover what appeared to be a human scientist.  He shouted something about the away team not stopping him from creating his perfect race before he beamed behind a force field and released two final Gorn augments.  Mr. Scharf received some cracked ribs and T’Lol a few nasty cuts, but the away team was eventually able to defeat the augments and take the human into custody. 

We set a course to deliver our prisoner to Federation authorities.   During the trip, we had time to interview the man to find out what he knew.  The prisoner seemed a little excentric.  After I first introduced myself to him in the brig, he stood there looking at me for a minute before he spoke, at which point he identified me as a Trill, and noted out loud both my species’ ability to join with a symbiotic life form, as well our allergy to insect bites.  He then smiled and offered that he would be willing to help the Trill’s allergy if I would allow him access to our medical facilities.  Through the rest of our conversation, he seemed rather polite, and we were able to gain quite a bit of information from him.  He identified himself as Amar Singh, a follower of “the great” Khan Noonien Singh.  Because his augmentation research was illegal in most of known space, Amar had been looking for some where to continue his research.  He had found Ambassador B’vat, who provided Amar with the resources to complete his research into creating the perfect race, in exchange for augmented Gorn Soldiers.  B’vat had also asked Amar to examine a sample of three-quarter human, one quarter Klingon blood.  Hopefully our questioning of Amar will give Starfleet Intelligence a head start in finding out all that he knows about what the Klingons have planned. 

Out of Character

This mission should have probably been named “The Ultimate Gorn” instead of “The Ultimate Klingon”.  In speaking with Amar Singh at the end of the mission, the player finds out that B’vat insisted on all the augmentation experiments being carried out on Gorn.  This is because when the Klingons previously attempted to experiment with augmentation on themselves,  they ended up with the flattened foreheads they had during the original series.  Apparently this was explained during an episode or two of Enterprise.  Unfortunately, because of my schedule at the time, I never had a chance to really watch any that series while it was on the air.  So I never knew they had found a way to explain the cosmetic difference between old school Klingons and the ones that started showing up in the films until doing this mission.  At any rate, because of their previous bad luck, the Klingons decided to use the Gorn as guinea pigs. 

The presence of Amar Singh is a little unusual.  If I understand correctly, genetic augmentation still occurred, rarely and illegally, during the Next Generation era.  So the game developers could have created any random scientist to fill the role of Amar Singh.  Obviously, they wanted to draw a connection to Khan, one of the greatest villains in Star Trek history.  But he somehow seems out-of-place.  The conversations with Amar make it sound like he was one of Khan’s followers.  Which to me makes it sound like he had been onboard the Botany Bay when Kirk’s crew found Khan, and he somehow managed to avoid being killed with the rest of Khan’s group at the end of the second movie.  It doesn’t bother me all that much.  I just wish we were provided with a little more info on his background to fill in the massive jumps forward in time he’s taken. 

Perhaps that’s why there’s a throw away question you can ask which mentions B’vat asking if Amar knew anything about time travel.  Of course that may just be really poorly written foreshadowing.  How much would a geneticist know about temporal mechanics?


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