Star Trek: Tirpitz

Defending the Pi Canis Sector



As we were leaving orbit and setting a course to leave the site of the Klingon mining efforts, our sensors picked up several Klingon ships decloaking all around the Tirpitz.  We barely had enough time to raise shields before the first barrage of enemy fire hit.  I ordered evasive maneuvers, trying to buy ourselves some time until we could determine the exact nature of the situation we found ourselves in.  

Returning fire


We established contact with several of the other ships that had taken part in the planetary blockade.  They had all come under attack by Klingon ships of various classes.  The USS Madrid had been in the process of beaming away teams back from the surface, and was destroyed in the initial assault.  Our shields were dropping fast, even with Amy routing extra power to our defenses.  A volley of torpedoes rocked the ship, and a discharge from the helm killed Ensign Vance.  Mr. Scharf took the helm and executed attack pattern alpha II on my orders.  I also ordered T’Lol to open fire on a target of her discretion.  

Assisting the Dathon


Slowly our forces started to regroup from the surprise attack.  The USS Dathon was able to assist us in destroying the Klingons that had been assaulting the Tirpitz.  After some of the hits we took, we weren’t moving as fast as we normally could.  We tried to make some quick repairs as we headed to assist the next ship.  Every hand that wasn’t wounded or tending to the wounded was trying to find a way to restore failed systems.   

Repelling the Assault


Because of the damage we had sustained early in the attack, we needed to hang back from the front line of the battle.  But we were not out of the fight yet.  T’Lol used every still functional weapon aboard the Tirpitz to engage the enemy forces from long distance, which gave Mr. Scharf plenty of time to perform evasive maneuvers whenever a stray shot was leveled at us.  And we weren’t the only ones.  Several of the more heavily damaged ships tried to keep their distance while trading weapons fire with the Klingons.   

A second surprise attack


We were surprised when we were hit by a heavy disruptor blast to our starboard warp nacelle.  A lone Negh’var cruiser had seen how the fleet had divided up and had snuck up on the disabled ships, intent on finishing us off.  We were fortunate.  The hit to our nacelle opened a couple of sections of the ship to vacuum and knocked out our warp drive, but thanks to the efforts of chief engineer Amy, it didn’t cause a feed back loop that would start a warp core breach.  We changed our target to the new attacker, and alerted the other ships to our situation.  We were able to hold our own long enough for the Dathon to fall back to our position and assist us.  

Eventually, thankfully, our ships were able to force the Klingons into a retreat long enough for us to regroup and fall back to one of our staging areas.  The Tirpitz had to be towed back to starbase for repairs.  And that’s given me plenty of time to think.  We didn’t detect the Klingon ships in orbit of the planet while the ground battle was taking place.  So it’s possible that the ships that attacked us were reinforcements sent to try to stop our operation against their mining efforts.  Of course, the other option, is that they were waiting for us.  That they knew we would have to lower our shields to transport our surface troops.  That this whole thing was another trap set by the Klingons.  But if I keep thinking like that, I’ll end up driving myself crazy.  

Out of Character

I really wish the developers would set up some kind of a safe zone around the entry point to deep space combat zones.  Normally, the player only ends up having to face a couple of low-level ships flying around the spawn point.  But on occasion,  a group of three or four heavy cruisers fly by on a patrol, and you’ll be half way to dead by the time the warp in animation stops playing.  I know from past experience how frustrating it can be to be ganked by other players.  Depending on where and what you play, it’s something you should expect to happen every now and then as a MMO player.  But it’s never something you enjoy if you’re in the middle of trying to complete some task.  Star Trek: Online is the first game that I can remember playing where you can be randomly ganked not by another player, but by the game itself. 

I found out after completing the three battles needed to finish the mission that the player has the option of fighting a Gorn fleet instead of a Klingon fleet by entering a different type of deep space encounter.  It would have been a nice change from fighting nothing but Klingons for every sector defense mission, but I think this way works out better for the story.  What really doesn’t help with finding the variety is that the player isn’t forced out of a deep space encounter at the end of a battle.  If the player had to find a new force to engage after every completed battle, it might be easier for them to discover that they don’t have to keep fighting the same enemy.


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I would LOVE a safe zone around the spawn point. I can’t remember the number of times I’ve been ganked by the NPCs.

I always left after a deep space battle because I got bored waiting for the timer, so I found several different versions. Thats just my ADD kicking in though.

Comment by amuntoth

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