Star Trek: Tirpitz

Exploring the Hromi Cluster

The Federation has little data on the Hromi Cluster.  It is an unexplored sector of space near the Klingon/Federation border.  Lieutenant Grall had been pushing for the Federation to explore the region since the early days of the current conflict with the Klingons.  Due to concerns that the Klingons may be using the Hromi Cluster as a possible staging area for attacks against the Federation outposts, Starfleet Command finally gave approval to send ships to explore the region.  And since the Tirpitz was ending its required time as part of Task Force Hippocrates and was in the area, we were assigned to assist in the exploration efforts.  

Scanning the D'Arsay ruins.


We were first sent to System Beta 157.  When we arrived, our scans detected a class-m planet, which Starfleet recorded as Planet Pi 279.  We approached the planet to perform a series of scans.  Our sensors picked up no life forms on the planet surface, but they did detect a series of structures.  An away team was sent down to investigate the structures, and they found a series of ruins belonging to an unidentified civilization which the away team described as being almost crypt like.  After comparing the writing on the ruins with language samples in the Tirpitz’s library, the away team believed that the ruins belonged to the D’Arsay civilization.  This was a fairly impressive find.  To my knowledge, the only other evidence of the D’Arsay civilization found on a planet’s surface was the ruins the Tirpitz had discovered in the Delta Volanis Cluster.  The number of  light years there are between the two finds would seem to indicate that the D’Arsay were a much larger spacefaring civilization than we had previously believed.  

Scanning for cloaked ships


We were next sent to investigate the Sigma Borealis Sigma 252-Q system.  When we arrived in the system, Mr. Toran detected several unusual anomalies in one of the system’s asteroid fields.  We altered course to further investigate the anomalies.  Given the proximity to the Klingon border, I half expected the anomalies to turn out to be cloaked Klingon ships.  But if there were any cloaked ships in the field, we didn’t encounter them.  The anomalies turned out to be several unusual radiation sources.  We collected several samples for future study by Federation scientists.  

Rushing to assist a planetary crisis


The Tirpitz then traveled to the Sigma Hydri EG-785 system, where we were fortunate to make contact with a new civilization.  Unfortunately, they were experiencing a severe outbreak of an unknown disease.  Working with the local health departments, Dr. Franklin was able to help them identify the outbreak.  Our standard Federation medical supplies would be able to treat the outbreak.  However, the Tirpitz was not carrying enough supplies to treat the entire infected population of the planet.  We appraised Starfleet Command of the situation, and we received permission to acquire enough medical supplies from the nearest starbase to help end the planet’s outbreak.  

Out of Character

This would be the third exploration mission I’ve done.  Before this, I visited the Delta Volanis Cluster and the Arucanis Arm.  Each exploration mission has the player complete three system specific assignments in order to complete the exploration.  So at this point, I’ve done nine total exploration systems.  And I’ve already had to repeat two system missions.  This does not bode well for the game having a wide variety of missions to play through in the exploration areas.  Which, okay, I wasn’t expecting there to be hundreds of different system exploration missions.  But I was sort of expecting that if there were two or three sector blocks between exploration regions, that I wouldn’t be finding ancient ruins from the same culture.  If the game is just randomly picking pre-generated missions without regard to location, I imagine that at some point I’ll run into a third outpost of the civilization somewhere in the middle of the Delta quadrant when that area opens up in the game.  

The Earth spacedock provisions vendor


The one new mission I received today was the delivery mission.  I’ve seen a lot of players complain about this mission type before, and I can see where they come from.  When the player contacts the planet, they will be told that the people on the planet need ten items of a specific provision (medical supplies, shield generators, communications arrays and the like).  Now there’s a chance the player has looted some of the needed provision from random space battles, but I have yet to see a player have all of the required provision when they’ve gotten one of these missions.  So the player has to go all the way out of the exploration region to find a trader with the needed provisions or to visit Earth spacedock.  But the reason that I’ve heard for why players don’t like his mission type is because the player needs to buy the items needed to complete the mission.  It’s like paying out-of-pocket for supplies for a corporate job, but without the chance to be reimbursed for the expense.  Personally, I have more energy credits than I know what to do with right now (no you can’t have any), so I’m not that upset with needing to spend some to complete a mission.  What I’m not fond of is the run around to get the needed supplies.  We’ve seen repeatedly in the television shows that the Enterprise didn’t always have to run off to get the supplies for a planetary emergency.  We’ve seen Dr. Crusher growing vaccines and Geordi planing to replicate replacements for damaged parts and equipment before.  I just don’t see why we need to run around to get the supplies to complete the mission, when it would be an easy thing to use the ship’s replicator to buy the needed items while we’re still in orbit of the planet.  On the up side, the devs seem to have fixed the bug where if you left the exploration zone, you could never find the system again upon returning with the needed supplies.


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I’m glad to hear about the bug fix. I did have enough supplies pre-positioned once, but only because I’d seen the mission several times and decided to buy some supplies when I had the chance. Most of the time, I have abandoned the mission straight away for fear of never getting back to the planet.

This is another example of the game not quite being like the shows.

Comment by Rowan

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