Star Trek: Tirpitz

Xarantine Sector Patrol

After rescuing the USS Eagle, we received orders to report to the Seedea system to assist in evacuation efforts.  Several Federation outposts had been evacuated early on in the war as a precaution against the loss of life should the Klingons choose to invade those systems.  The outposts in the Seedea system, who had spent the last few years attempting to terraform a nearby planet, had elected to remain in the system.  That is until a Gorn blockade had cut off the outposts from the Federation. 

Protecting the SS Rover

When the Tirpitz arrived in the system, we made contact with Captain D’naen Trix of the SS Rover.  He had frequently made deliveries to the Seedea outposts in the past, and had volunteered to assist in the evacuation efforts.  His freighter had plenty of room for the people we had been sent to rescue, but to perform those rescues, both his ship and the outposts would need to lower their shields long enough for transport.  And that’s where the Tirpitz would come in.  Our orders were to escort the Rover, and to keep any Gorn forces busy while the Rover performed evacuations.  At first, there doesn’t seem to be much need for our assistance.  The outpost we visited first was only being harassed by a single Gorn fighter craft.  However, our assistance was eventually needed, as several of the other stations we visited were being orbited by squadrons of attack craft or battle ships.  As soon as the Rover had collected the last of the people we had been sent to rescue, it warped out to Starbase 26, while we covered their withdrawal by engaging the remaining Gorn ships. 

Assaulting the spy satellites

Starfleet Command then ordered us to investigate probe findings in the Kern System.  Probes launched into the system to monitor for Klingon activity had detected a series of surveillance satellites scattered through the system.  Starfleet only received brief telemetry from the probes before they were destroyed by Klingon forces.  The Federation suspected that the satellites were being used to monitor Starfleet’s troop movements along the border between Federation and Klingon space.  Our orders were to fight our way through any Klingon resistance we might encounter and make sure that those spy satellites were destroyed.  As we worked our way from satellite to satellite in the system, it seemed as if the Klingons had not expected our assault.  Most of the defense forces we encountered were simple scout craft, and a few of the satellites weren’t even defended by those.  I’m not complaining about the ease with which we were able to carry out our assignment.  I’m just worried that we were allowed to find and destroy these installations because the Klingons have a better hidden and more powerful set of spy satellites somewhere that the Federation hasn’t discovered yet. 

Speaking with Araglo

As we resumed our patrol, we were contacted by a representative of the Danteri Trade Commission.  They were requesting the assistance of the Federation in settling a corporate dispute between two organizations on Danteri V.  As the Danteri Trade Commission had helped to keep resources flowing to the Federation’s front lines, Starfleet assigned the Tirpitz to attempt to settle the dispute.  We were able to arrange meetings with the heads of the two warring companies, Araglo and Glaren.  It seemed that neither side in the conflict actually wanted to be at war with the other, as Araglo and Glaren are brothers.  The problem arose when Araglo accused Glaren of selling merchandise stolen from Araglo’s corporation.  Glaren claimed that he had purchased the merchandise legally from a group of Naussicans.  After a brief investigation where we compared Araglo’s shipping logs for several vessels that had been attacked by pirates to the cargo that Glaren had purchased from the Naussicans, we were able to determine that Glaren had purchased the cargo stolen from Araglo.  When he realized what had happened, Glaren was more than willing to meet with Araglo and work out a way to resolve the problem. 

Scanning for signs of Romulans

As we were leaving Danteri V, we were contacted by Starfleet Command with orders to travel to the Honod system.  The local authorities in the system had requested Starfleet’s assistance in investigating several ship disappearances.  The government of the Honod system suspected Romulan involvement in the loss of their ships, and they wanted us to attempt to locate the missing ships and determine what had happened to them.  We started our search in an asteroid field just outside the Honod system.  The location is well-known as a place where raiders and pirates prefer to discard captured ships that had been stripped of all value.  Regardless of who was actually involved in the attacks on the missing ships, we believed it would be likely that we would find the missing ships there.  We did locate all of the missing ships that the Honod government had reported to us, and our investigation into their destruction revealed that they had been attacked with Romulan weapons.  Unfortunately, we were unable to find any other evidence to Romulan involvement in the destruction of the ships.  For all we knew, a group of independent pirates had acquired an old Romulan weapon system for use in their attacks on freighters.  We reported our findings to the Honod government, who felt our evidence was solid enough to start seeking sanctions against the Romulans for the attacks. 

Our of Character

In order to do the patrol missions, I’ve started adjusting my team settings to prevent being auto added to a group.  I’ve decided to do this because I feel guilty when I’m placed on a team, and I sit in space long enough to read through all the message screens to try to find out what’s happening while the other players I’ve been partnered with run off to start blowing up/scanning/talking to whatever needs blowing up/scanning/talking to.  The problem with this is that in doing so, I feel like I’m playing the game on easy mode.  It really hit me with this mission because of the Seedea system.  There were portions of the rescue effort where I believe the freighter going around and rescuing people could have completely handled the Gorn opposition without my help.  I’ve seen that the developer is working on a system to adjust the game’s difficulty setting and I’m curious to see how it will work.  Hopefully it will allow a higher level of challenge to some sections of the game without being the idiot at the spawn point that’s just sitting there. 

The one thing that an increased difficulty won’t help is the run around missions (unless the it somehow spawns a mine field between point A and point B).  Of all the missions where you’re just running around talking to people, Danteri V is the worst one I’ve encountered so far.  You could literally create a rut in the planet’s surface with the number of times you have to run back and forth between the two brothers.  If you want me to settle any kind of dispute, put everyone around a conference table, so I don’t have to run across half a planet to talk to people. 

The talk of Romulans in the Honod system felt like it came out of nowhere.  Aside from any accidental encounters one may have running to and from Memory Alpha, there’s been no interaction with the Romulans yet.  But while I realize that this is probably a hint that the player will soon be doing missions in Romulan space, having it pop up near the Klingon front is off-putting.  I suppose they could tie it in with the revelation that the Romulans were once again working with a Klingon faction.  But that feels to me like information the Federation could use to stop the war with the Klingons, by getting them to start a second Klingon civil war.


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“In order to do the patrol missions, I’ve started adjusting my team settings to prevent being auto added to a group.”

I should start doing this too, but for different reasons. I hate the fact you get put into these random groups and everyone just does their own thing and no one talks to each other. Add to that, people just up and leave when the patrol is over, and I’m alone again when I move on to the next system. Worse, sometimes they don’t leave and I don’t notice it, leaving me to fight multiple enemies in the next zone designed for more players that I can’t handle. I mean, if I’m going to be in a party but not interact with anyone, I might as well be playing with myself…so I do.

Comment by mmogamerchick

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