Star Trek: Tirpitz

Acting Captain’s Log, Celes Sector Patrol

After delivering Marta to Starfleet Intelligence, we received new orders from Commander Sulu.  The Tirpitz was being dispatched to the Celes sector.  Starfleet Command was recently notified of several situations within the region that needed our attention.  We were to appraise the situation, notify Starfleet of our findings, and take whatever steps were necessary to restore order in the region. 

The Tirpitz first traveled to the Mandel System.  Reports had indicated that a number of ships belonging to the Orion Syndicate had been harassing any ships that entered the system.  The USS Hera had been sent to investigate and attempt to correct the problem.  Unfortunately, the Hera had been lost with all hands in battle against the Orion ships.  As we were en route to the system, I had a meeting to discuss strategy with my command staff.  I very much did not want to end up like the Hera, and was looking for any ideas that might help to increase our chances of survival.  Because it was likely the Orions were patrolling the system trying to catch each and every ship that tried to pass through, we needed to find a way to mask our arrival.  Mr. Scharf suggested coming out of warp near the polar region of Mandel V, a gas giant in the system.  The theory was that the size of the planet would prevent the Orions from detecting us until we made our presence known by attacking their ships.  It seemed like our best course of action.  And it was successful.  The Orion ships didn’t know we were there until we had already managed to destroy one of their patrol ships and badly damage a second.  The battle was over quickly.  Because they hadn’t detected us, their forces were scattered around the system, and we were able to pick off ships as they arrived to try to reinforce their allies. 

A Pycan space moth cocoon

Our second destination was the Zenik system, where a Federation colony had reported picking up several large alien creatures in orbit with their sensors.  By the time we arrived in the system, we detected no trace of the aliens in orbit.  We approached the planet, and preformed a scan of the surface to determine if the aliens had landed.  We didn’t detect any unusual life forms, but our scans did pick up several strange cocoons on the planet’s southern land mass.  I sent Mr. Toran with Dr. Franklin to study the cocoons and determine if they posed any kind of threat to the colonists.  After performing tests on the first cocoon, Dr. Franklin was able to determine it belonged to a subspecies of the Pycan space moth.  Most of the known species of that moth are harmless, but there are a few that pose a threat to humanoids.  After collecting a few more samples, the away team discovered that the cocoons belonged to the Pycan flame moth, a harmless creature.  With our findings, we were able to reassure the colony that they were in no immediate danger.  We also informed them to expect a fairly impressive light show in a few weeks when the moths hatched. 

Attacked by the Gorn

The Tirpitz then traveled to the Watran System.  The system had been home to an independent mining operation.  Regrettably, the mining bases had been destroyed recently by unknown forces.  We were being sent to collect scans from the destroyed facilities to be sent to Starfleet for further analysis to determine who had attacked the miners.  When we arrived in the system, we detected several Gorn ships in the area.  We had no evidence that the Gorn were responsible for the assault on the facilities.  When we contacted them, they denied any involvement in the attacks.  They did however claim salvage rights to the facilities, and warned us that if we approached any of the destroyed mining bases, they would be forced to open fire.  We contacted Starfleet command and appraised them of our situation.  We were instructed to carry out our assignment, and if we came under fire from the Gorn we had permission to return fire.  After we destroyed the ships that tried to prevent us from scanning the first three facilities, the rest of the Gorn ships allowed us to finish our scans of the remaining two facilities without any trouble.  

Assisting the Mirek

As we were on our way to the next destination, we were contacted by Captain Leonard of the USS Mirek.  They requested our assistance with a situation in the Hana system.  They had picked up a distress call from a mining outpost that had been attacked by Klingon forces.  By the time the Mirek had been able to respond, the Klingons had set up a grid of weapons turrets.  Captain Leonard wanted the Tirpitz to join with the Mirek in an attempt to retake the outpost from the Klingons.  Clearing a path to the outpost wasn’t very difficult, and the only Klingons to decloak to engage us as we approached were Birds of Prey.  Once we had secured the area around the station, the Mirek sent an away team to the outpost to capture any forces occupying it, while the Tirpitz jammed transmissions from the station to prevent them from calling for reinforcements.  Once the Mirek’s away team had taken control of the station, Captain Leonard thanked us for our assistance and let us know that his ship would remain in the system to protect the outpost while its defenses were restored. 

Battle in the Veela system

We resumed our course for the Veela system.  When we arrived, we picked up massive activity in the system’s asteroid field.  We soon discovered that the Orion Syndicate had built stations into several of the larger asteroids.  Our scans picked up large amounts of cargo in the Orion stations, including several crates of Federation Medical Supplies that had been reported stolen from Starbase 114.  By scanning the stations, we also alerted the defensive forces the Orions had left in the system to our presence.  We had to fight our way through several ships before we were in transporter range of the station with the stolen medical supplies.  Due to dampening fields on the station, I had Mr. Scharf lead an away team to station to recover the stolen property.  They met with heavy resistance, and Ensign Jenkins was mortally wounded on the mission.  After sending reinforcements, Mr. Scharf was able to recover the supplies and return to the station.  As we were preparing to leave the system and notify Starfleet command of our findings, an Orion battleship arrived to reinforce the system.  We engaged the ship in battle and were successful in disabling it long enough to escape.  

Commander Thiral

Our final stop was a return visit to Starbase 114 in the Celes system.  After the theft of dangerous cargo from the station, Starfleet had increased patrols of the station and the surrounding system.  As we entered the system we were contacted by Commander Thiral, the station’s second in command.  Over the past week, a number of the station’s officers had been injured in a series of accidents.  Thiral suspected that he had a saboteur aboard the station, and because the station was still short-staffed due to the ongoing war with the Klingons, he requested our assistance with the investigation.  Thiral’s primary suspect was a Lieutenant Syfir.  Besides Commander Cleveland (who was off station on shore leave when the accidents started occurring) and Thiral, only Syfir had the security clearance needed to sabotage the systems that had been effected.  Our investigation provided plenty of circumstantial evidence that pointed to Syfir, but nothing that was solid enough to arrest him.  T’Lol’s interview with Syfir turned up some interesting information.  Syfir had recently been reassigned from the night to the day shift on the station, and had started drinking Raktajino on his lunch break to get through the rest of his shift.  T’Lol noticed from the station logs that all of the accidents had happened after Syfir’s lunch break.  A diagnostic of the replicator system revealed a sub-routine that had been added to its programing.  Whenever Syfir ordered his midday drink, a dose of Impedrezene would be added to it.  Impedrezene would have made Syfir susceptible to suggestion.  The sub-routine  also transmitted a signal whenever Syfir  activated the replicator.  To catch the real saboteur, we activated the sub-routine, and then went to wait in cargo bay 4, where the Lieutenant usually took his lunch breaks.  It wasn’t long before Commander Thiral came looking for the Lieutenant.  We took Thiral into custody, and he quickly admitted to having been forced to work for the Orion Syndicate because his bond-mate had gotten into heavy debt with them.  Thiral had caused the accidents to frame Lieutenant Syfir, and draw attention away from Thiral’s activities. 

With Thiral under arrest, we contacted Starfleet Command to update them on our status.  

Our of Character

I am absolutely loving my new ship.  If I activate all of T’Lol’s and Mr. Scharf’s space officer abilities, I can usually destroy one ship out of a group of three within a few seconds of getting into range of the group.  Against cruisers and battleships, I can get their structural integrity down to fifty percent or lower.  I’m just having way too much fun blowing ships up this quickly after flying around in the original ship for so long. 

One of my away team members did get knocked out during the Veela system mission.  I noticed he had gotten knocked out during a fire fight in the first hallway where the player beams in.  I didn’t actually find him until after the fight was over and when I was able to search the nearby rooms.  He somehow had run ahead into the next room, which may explain why this looked like the first away mission where the first fight had three waves of reinforcements.  He probably aggroed the room, and they came to find the rest of the away team when they were done with him.  So congratulations to Ensign Jenkins, for being my first away team red shirt. 

I have to admit that I liked the mystery of Starbase 114.  Granted, as soon as Commander Thiral said something to the effect of “It can’t be me, because I’m the one that’s asking you to find out who did it”, I automatically jumped to the conclusion that he did do it.  It could have been handled better if Thiral had acknowledged that he was a suspect, and that he was turning over the investigation to the player because regulations wouldn’t allow him to investigate a crime he could have committed.  In any event, I’m hoping to see more mystery missions as I continue through the game.  It is the same basic “go to X and talk to Y” game play of most of the non-combat missions, but at least the story is more complex than collect five dirt samples.

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