Star Trek: Tirpitz

Acting Captain’s Log, Treasure Trading Station

We’ve received orders from Admiral Quinn to travel to the Treasure Trading Station in orbit of Argelius II.  A few days ago, Starfleet command was contacted by a servant in one of the Klingon great noble houses by the name of Marta.  She claimed to have detailed knowledge of Klingon fleet movements, as well as a list of possible targets for future Klingon attacks.  In exchange for this information Marta wants to be relocated, so the Klingons wouldn’t be able to find her.  Admiral Quinn had sent to Tirpitz to pick up Marta and escort her safely back to Starfleet command.  

Scanning for contraband


Our cover story for the mission was an unexpected inspection of the station and surrounding space.  While the station is in Federation space, it’s not affiliated with the Federation.  Because of this, it brings in a larger number of traders than a Federation run trade post would.  But the drawback is that it also brings in a fair number of smugglers looking to transport cargo that the Federation would consider contraband.  As we were approaching the station, sensors picked up several cargo ships in orbit.  Mr. Toran reported that scans had been able to detect illegal weapons and contraband in the cargo holds of several freighters.  When we contacted the captains of those ships, they chose to respond with their defensive systems and opened fire on the Tirpitz.  There wasn’t any threat to the ship.  While a few of the ships were transporting highly dangerous weapon systems, none of them had any weapons systems installed beyond some very low power phaser turrets.  I gave orders to T’Lol to disable, and not destroy, the freighters.  As their shields weren’t much better than their weapons, the smugglers soon found their ships adrift and waiting to be picked up by Federation authorities.  



Mr. Scharf led the away team to the station to find Marta.  The information we had been provided said that she would meet us in a bar onboard the station run by a Ferengi named Qaris.  When they arrived, they found no sign of Marta.  Mr. Scharf decided to ask Qaris if he had seen anyone matching Marta’s description.  The Ferengi hinted that he didn’t recall seeing anyone that matched her description, but perhaps some gold pressed latinum would jog his memory.  When Mr. Scharf reported back with his progress, I reminded him that the Bar was long over due for its safety inspection.  The away team had no trouble finding several code violations.  Everything from leaking waste disposal pipes to rigged gambling tables.  

Bar fight


While the away team was performing its inspection, they were attacked by several bar patrons.  Wither the attack was encouraged by Qaris or if the bar patrons were crew members from the smuggling ships the Tirpitz was disabled, we didn’t know.  Fortunately, the away team was quite capable of defending itself.  With the attackers stunned, the away team was able to continue with its inspection, and it wasn’t long before Qaris was telling Mr. Scharf what he knew.  Marta had been waiting in the bar, but a group of Klingons had abducted her.  The Klingons had bribed Qaris to be able to use one of the station’s cargo bays to hold Marta and to keep quiet the Ferengi quiet about where she was.  

The Klingon's prisoners.


The away team met with a large amount of resistance on the way to the cargo bay.  The station was equiped with an emergency force field system.  It was intended to be used to seal off sections of the station in case of events like an unexpected decompression or plasma leaks.  The Klingons had found a way to override the system, and were using the force fields to block access to areas of the station.  The away team had to fight through several sets of guards just to reach the controls to deactivate the force fields.  When the away team reached the cargo bay, they discovered that Marta wasn’t the only person under Klingon guard.  Apparently, the Klingons had also managed to capture the crew of the freighter that had smuggled Marta from Klingon space to the station.  The away team was able to release the freighter crew successfully, who volunteered to assist in the rescue effort.  Deactivating the force field which kept Marta a prisoner was a different matter.  The commanding officer of the Klingon forces, a Captain Urthog, had a security code that would be needed to release Marta.  The away team set up an ambush in the cargo bay, and when Urthog returned to check up on Marta, they were able to capture him and acquire the necessary code.   

Battling the IKS Sarpek


Shortly after the away team returned to the Tirpitz with Marta, we were hailed by the IKS Sarpek.  Ambassador B’vat had sent the ship to collect Marta and return her back to the Empire.  When we refused, the Klingons opened fire.  Thanks to some evasive maneuvers, we were able to defeat the Sarpek and set a course for Starfleet command.  While in route, I had a chance to speak briefly with her.  While she was unwilling to go into details until she was being debriefed by Starfleet Intelligence officers, she did say that she had been a servant in the home of Ambassador B’vat, and that the ambassador was one of the driving forces behind the Klingon’s continued war efforts.  

Our of Character

It’s looking like the game is starting to set up B’vat as the face of the war-like Klingons.  The players are introduced to him as the person behind the attack on the peace talks that take place as part of the Kuvah’Magh mission.  And after the player rescues Marta, she gets all kinds of talkative about how crazy he is and how he has several different plans to keep the war going and give the Klingons an advantage in it.  I know enough about what’s coming in the game that I was able to read her dialogue and know which missions she was foreshadowing.  

The events in Qaris’ bar were a little random.  In true DS9 style, the player extracts information from the Ferengi by penalizing his way to make money.  And about half way through the safety inspection, the bar patrons become angry with the away team and decide to attack.  The text box that pops up before they attack says that they’re upset that we’re shutting down the one place where they like to relax on their off hours.  And I’m sitting there going “Wait.   You guys want to sit in toxic waste and gamble on a rigged gaming table”?  

To make it easier, the following items need to be scanned to complete the Qaris’ Bar section of the mission (and it seemed like the order in which the scans were done did make a difference):  

  1. Waste disposal pipe that is leaking a toxic substance
  2. A crate full of smuggled Trilithium
  3. A rigged tongo machine
  4. Holosuites that drain power from the life support system.
  5. The alcohol bottles at the bar that are missing Federation Trade Commission seals.

In most missions where the player is asked to scan objects, it usually fairly easy to find those objects because they’re the only ones flashing blue to let the player know that they can be interacted with.  In the bar however, half a dozen different things are blinking blue, and the vast majority of them do absolutely nothing when you scan them.  

The other people you rescue towards the end of the mission were another spot of strange writing.  I may have missed it, but I didn’t see any information as to why they were being held by the Klingons.  When the player does rescue them, they do prove to be fairly useful in completing the mission, even though they don’t take orders from the player.  But the strangest thing about them was that it looked like one of them was dressed in a blue Sailor Moon costume.  Perhaps there’s a fan of the series working at Cryptic.


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