Star Trek: Tirpitz

Acting Captain’s Log, Slowing the Expeditionary Force

As we were returning from Memory Alpha, we were contacted by Admiral Yanishev.  He was temporarily assigning the Tirpitz to join a fleet in the Laurentian system.  The Laurentian system is the Federation’s primary source of Quadratium.  And recent reports had revealed the presence of Klingon scout ships increasing over the past week along the system’s border.  Starfleet Intelligence believed the increase in scout patrols by the Klingons was a precursor to a Klingon invasion of the system.  Our orders were to protect the settlers and the processing facilities that were both key to our operations in the region.  

The Laurentian System

Because of the distance from Memory Alpha to the Laurentian system, we were one of the last ships assigned to the fleet to arrive at the rally point.  When we arrived in system, Mr Toran’s scans of the area detected upwards of fifty Birds of Prey on the outskirts of the system’s border.  We checked in with the Admiral’s ship and received order to not engage the Klingons unless they entered the system.  It wasn’t long before we were cleared to open fire.  

Engaging the scout ships

All of the ships in our fleet had some level of front line experience in the war against the Klingons.  The fleet was divided up into smaller groups, and our smaller groups worked to break up the larger Klingon force.  It wasn’t long before all the ships of our defensive fleet were focusing their fire on the remaining scout ships.  When the last Bird of Prey was destroyed, Mr. Toran alerted us to a wave of Klingon cruisers that had entered the system.  We confirmed our findings with those of the Admiral’s ship.  The Birds of Prey had been jamming our sensors, and with the last of them destroyed, we were now picking up the rest of the Klingon forces.  

Concentrated fire destroys a Klingon cruiser

The defensive fleet regrouped into a single force.  While there were less cruisers in this wave than there were Birds of Prey in the initial assault, the cruisers were capable of putting out more damage than the average Bird of Prey.  As the cruisers got within weapons range, we started working our way through the enemy ships, focusing our fire on one ship at a time.  As we continued to battle, we were able to identify some of the ships we were facing off against.  They belonged to the Klingon Defense Force Seventh Fleet, under the command of General D’ald.  This wasn’t a simple scouting force.  This was an invasion force. 

Klingon weapon turrets

As our defensive fleet battled the last few enemy cruisers, we picked up activity within the system’s asteroid belt.  The wave of cruisers had been used as a distraction.  While our forces were busy battling them, other Klingon ships had been setting up a series of torpedo and disruptor turrets.  They were trying to create a defensive position within the system that they could use as a rally point for their forces.  We were lucky in that they hadn’t had enough time to set up and activate more than a handful of the turrets before we noticed.  Our fleet split into two groups.  The first group was to engage the Klingon ships and prevent them from setting up any more turrets.  The Tirpitz was assigned to the second group, who were ordered to destroy all active turrets before rejoining the first group.  Thanks to the upgraded firepower of our new ship, we were able to make quick work of the shielded weapons platforms.  We then regrouped with the rest of the fleet, and helped to drive back several Negh’var battle cruisers. 

The IKS Kaarg

As we continued to push the invasion force to the edge of the system, Toran reported that he was picking up three unidentified ships.  Their construction and armaments  were similar to known Klingon standards, but our ship’s records had no Klingon ships that matched that design.  Admiral Yanishev was able to shed light on what we were seeing.  Starfleet Intelligence had information on a new class of Klingon ship called a Vo’Quv class carrier.  No Federation forces had ever reported encountering one in the field before, but the Admiral believed that the ships we were detecting were Vo’Quvs, and that one of the three ships on our sensors had to be General D’ald’s flagship, the IKS Kaarg.  The admiral also believed that if we could destroy the general’s ship, the remaining Klingon forces would retreat.  It was not going to be easy.  The Klingon carriers were heavily armed and armored, and had an honor guard of Negh’var battleships.  As we approached, each of the carriers launched a squadron of fighter.  As much as we wanted to focus our efforts on the carriers, we ended up having to fight our way through every ship they put in our path first.  It was a very bloody battle, and we ended up losing the USS Avenger and the USS  Saturn.  If it wasn’t for our improved maneuverability allowing us to avoid a few barrages of disruptor fire, the Tirpitz may have joined them.  But in the end we were able to defeat the Kaarg and drive the remaining Klingon forces from the system. 

I believe the new Tirpitz and her crew performed admirably in our first battle.  We took moderate damage from the battle, but Amy is confident that her engineering teams should have us back up and running at full capacity without needing a long stop over at a spacedock facility. 

Out of Character

The break down for this fleet battle goes something like this: 

  • Kill 50 Birds of Prey
  • Kill 24 Cruisers
  • Kill 15 Turrets
  • Kill 12 Negh’vars
  • Kill the IKS Kaarg group.

This mission was also the first time I saw a Vo’Quv class Klingon ship.  I know they’re at the high-end of the ships a Klingon Player can acquire, and I’ve heard rumors that they’re a nasty thing to go up against in PVP.  For PVE, they’re no laughing matter either.  I know I got caught with my pants down a couple times, thinking the Vo’Quv was targeting a different ship in the fleet. 

Compared to the Starbase 24 fleet action, I enjoyed this one a bit more.  For one thing, it had a bit more people in it.  Now that may have been because I played the two missions at different times of the day.  But in and of itself, it was nicer to have more people there to work with.  Also, the level difference wasn’t nearly as bad.  We may have had one or two people flying around in Commander rank starships, but for the most part, I think everyone else was flying a Lt. Commander ship.  

Personally, I need to get more practice with escort class ships.  I’m used to setting phasers on auto fire and only needing to worry about the torpedoes.  So I need to start remembering to use the cannons as often as they come off of cooldown.  And if I’m right, it looks like if I’m paying attention I may be able to get three volleys of cannon fire out of one use of my bridge officer’s rapid fire ability.  The other thing I need to learn is to hang back and watch what I’m doing.  I had a “this is awesome” moment threading between to Negh’var cruisers, only to come out the other side wondering what happened to my shields.


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