Star Trek: Tirpitz

Acting Captain’s Log, Changes

The past few days have been so filled with activity that I haven’t had a chance to make a proper log entry.   

Promotion Ceremony


When we finally entered the Sol system, we received a communication from Admiral Quinn.  He wanted me to meet with him in his office as soon as we docked.  He seemed concerned about how I was adapting to command.  How I was handling being made captain of a starship.  If I would prefer being reassigned to a security position on another ship.  I explained to the Admiral that I felt I was doing well under the circumstances.  I know that I didn’t have the experience or training that many of Starfleet’s best captains have had over the years, but I thought my service record since taking command spoke for itself.  I told him that I was willing and able to continue to command the Tirpitz for as long as I was capable to do so.  At the end of our meeting, Admiral Quinn had me report to Commander Menn Hilo in the station’s Stateroom.  And that’s when I found out I was being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.  And with my promotion, I was being assigned to a new ship.  Starfleet had decided to retire the Tirpitz from active service.  She would be repaired and recommissioned, most likely as a training ship for Starfleet academy cadet cruises.  

The first thing I had to do was select my crew.  I notified my command staff from the Tirpitz of what had happened, and offered each of them the chance to transfer over to my new ship.  They would retain their positions as part of the command staff, and the transfer would grant them all promotions to the rank of lieutenant.  I wasn’t sure if any of them would remain part of my crew.  With so many openings in Starfleet caused by the Borg assault in the Vega system, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see some of them request a transfer to another ship in order to speed up their career advancement.  Fortunately for me, I was able to retain my command staff.  

Lieutenant Laurel


With my command staff secured, we reported to Lieutenant Laurel.  She was in charge of logistics, and notified us of the ship we would be assigned to.  The ship I was being given to command was a prototype.  The prototype combined elements from the Rapier, Saber, and Ushaan class escorts.  It was smaller than the Tirpitz, but it was more heavily armed.  Along with standard phaser banks and torpedo launchers, the ship was equiped with phaser cannons.  Considering how often we ended up finding ourselves on the front lines of the ongoing Klingon war, I wasn’t surprised by the increase of firepower we received.  

Ensign Toran


Because of the decrease in ship size, we wouldn’t be able to keep the entire crew of the Tirpitz.  Along with the command staff, I did a number of performance reviews of the Tirpitz crew.  We tried to keep as many good people as possible, but we still had to let go of more than a few that we just didn’t have the space for.  We ended up recommending a number of them to other ships in the fleet that needed their services.  But this also gave us a chance to properly fill a role we had been missing.  Dr. Franklin had been pulling double duty as the ship’s chief medical officer and as the ship’s science officer.  And while he was quite capable of performing the duties of both positions, there were times when his presence was needed in two places at once.  So it was decided that Ensign Toran would be taking over the role of science officer for the new ship.  

USS Tirpitz, NX 93620-A


Our final surprise was the name of the new ship.  Because the Tirpitz was being recommissioned, we were granted special dispensation by Admiral Quinn to name our new ship the USS Tirpitz.  Because of the ship’s status as a prototype, her registry ended up becoming NX 93620-A.  We’ve been given a little time to go on a shakedown cruise with the new ship before we receive our first assignment.  This should provide Amy with a chance to upgrade many of the ship’s systems.  She made a number of enhancements to the original Tirpitz during her time as chief engineer there.  I’m certain that between the efforts of our engineering teams, and a brief visit to Memory Alpha to research system upgrades, the new Tirpitz will be operating at peak performance before too long.  

Out of Character

Finally made it to Lieutenant Commander.  One down, three to go.  

At Lt. Commander, players get their first ship upgrade.  This is also when they get to pick a ship with a more defined role than the starter ship.  The starter ship is very generalized.  It feels like it can do everything fairly well.  I decided to go with an escort, mostly because it’s the path that will take me to a Defiant at some point down the road.   

I’m really glad that ships can have their appearance modified.  None of the escorts at the Lt. Commander rank really look like a Starfleet vessel, in my opinion.  I’m sure one of them was probably featured somewhere in the trek universe before, but I don’t remember it.  I get the impression that a number of players end up taking a Cruiser at the first rank increase just because the ships offered there much easier to recognize from television and film.  

It looks like another advantage of ranking up is an increase in the number of officers the player can have.  So this seems to be the point when a player can actually start to build a staff of officers focused specifically on their space abilities, and a second set of officers with a focus on their ground abilities.  I don’t think I’ll end up having two fully separate teams, but it’s nice know I have the option if I want to.

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I was actually looking forward to the post in which you would describe your promotion, and interested in how you would explain getting a new ship, etc. and the day is finally here! Congrats, Lieutenant Commander, I’m also happy your crew remained loyal to you and stayed on 😀

Comment by mmogamerchick

Automatic promotions are a great employee retention program.

Figuring out how to explain getting a new ship so frequently is going to be a bit of a challenge. This time I went with the reason they gave at the start of Star Trek III. It’s old, it’s had the crud kicked out of it one time too many, so we’re just going to give you a new one. I know I could say one got blown up in battle, but if I just keep “blowing up” the last one everytime I got a new one, it would stretch the credibility of Ruz remaining a captain.

And thank you for the congratulations.

Comment by captainruz

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