Star Trek: Tirpitz

Acting Captain’s Log, Defending the Regulus Sector.

The Tirpitz recently received a priority one communication from Commander Sulu.  Our listening posts along the Klingon neutral zone had picked up a large subspace disturbance that was headed into Federation space.  Shortly there after, Starfleet started receiving reports of Klingon attacks on Federation cargo vessels.  Starfleet diverted a number of ships to engage the Klingon force in the deep space of the Regulus sector, hoping to stop the Klingon Fleet before it reached any populated systems.

A Bird of Prey looking for trouble

When the Tirpitz arrived in the sector, we began to scan for anything that could give us a clue as to the location of the Klingons.  We were expecting to pick up subspace anomalies.  What we picked up was a lone Bird of Prey stalking a civilian transport.  We knew it had to be a trap, but we couldn’t just stand by and do nothing.  We alerted Starfleet of the situation and then engaged the Bird of Prey.  It wasn’t too long into the fight before a second Klingon ship attacked us.  The two Birds of Prey started to take turns cloaking, using the time when we couldn’t target them to restore power to their combat shields.  When the rest of the task force arrived, we were able to bring enough firepower to bear to destroy the Klingon ships.

A Squadron of Klingon Fighters

We knew the Klingons were still out there.  I was honestly expecting them to attack with everything they had once our forces arrived.  Instead, the task force was attacked by several squadrons of small attack craft.  Ships of that size can’t withstand the amount of damage standard starship weapons can put out, but they can still pack quite a punch.  The Klingons wanted to test our defenses, maybe find a week spot or get a lucky kill with a fighter bombing run.  We were able to withstand the assault, and the task force quickly worked its way through the fighters. 

Fighting a Vor'cha attack cruiser

That’s when the real battle began.  The Klingons started decloaking and coming at the task force in waves.  Sensor readings picked up every type of Klingon ship I’d ever seen in Starfleet records.  All of the ships in the task force took quite a beating.  Amy managed to find a way to keep our shields up during a couple of minutes of very heavy fire.  We were doing a good job of keeping the Klingons occupied, but it was looking less and less likely that we would survive the engagement. 

Approaching the Flagship

I was surprised when we were hailed by the Klingon flagship.  The captain asked the task force to surrender, so that his forces could continue on with his mission.  From his communication, we were able to determine which ship he was on board.  He was well protected on a Negh’var battle cruiser, with an honor guard made up of Vor’cha cruisers and Birds of Prey.  That’s when we picked up a number of ships approaching at high warp.  A fleet of Federation ships was en route to reinforce our task force.  When we declined to surrender, the Klingon flagship entered the battle.  After the amount of damage we had sustained from the prolonged fight, it took every ship we had concentrating all their fire on the flagship to destroy it.

Trading Fire with the Klingon Flagship

With their commander defeated and our reinforcements arriving, what remained of the Klingon fleet retreated back across the Federation border.  Once we were able to get our warp engines back online, we started the long journey back to Earth spacedock for major repairs.

Out of Character

I had a better time with this sector defense mission than I had with the last one I did.  There were a few players in higher rank ships, but they were only Lt. Commander level.  So there weren’t any Admirals flying around, and because of that there weren’t any enemy ships that were twenty levels higher than my crew.  So I actually had a pretty good chance to be useful. 

The enemy flagship was an interesting addition.  It didn’t seem to appear until the players had eliminated the amount of enemy ships needed to end the battle, and if it wasn’t destroyed by the time the next round was ready to start, the flagship and any ships that had been spawned as part of its group would disappear.  It’s a nice incentive to stick around between rounds.  Unfortunately, most people warp out once the round is over, having either completed the amount of rounds they need to complete the mission, or wanting to find a battle that’s currently ongoing.  I did manage to luck out and kill the flagship once, but wasn’t fortunate enough to see it dropped anything worth while.

As a side note, this mission is actually two missions.  When you enter an enemy ship contact needed for the sector defense mission, there should be a little tab for a Klingon Captain.  By clicking on it, the player can select to do a mission to destroy Klingon ships.  It looks to be only available one time, and considering what you’re doing, it’s really easy to complete.

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