Star Trek: Tirpitz

Acting Captain’s Log, War is Good for Business

Studying the crystal formations

Our survey of the Arucanis Arm was interrupted by Admiral Quinn.  He needed us to rendezvous with the USS ShiKahr in the Celes system.  A science team onboard the USS ShiKahr had been carrying out a series of time sensitive experiments on some of the crystal formations found in the larger asteroids in the region when the ship started to suffer from engine problems.  The Tirpitz received orders to take the science team on board so that they could successfully complete the experiments.  Our efforts were slowed somewhat by pockets of gas within the system which could have been potentially ignited by our impulse engines if we had been traveling at full impulse.  We had no trouble in collecting the science team’s results from the first two experiment sites.  However, as we got within sensor range of the third site we were attacked by a patrol of Naussican ships.  They had used the gas pockets in conjunction with the asteroids to prevent us from picking them up on our sensors until we were withing their weapons range.  We defended ourselves from their attacks, and were able to complete the experiments the science team needed just in time. 

Commander Cleveland

With the science team’s experiments completed, we received orders to transport them to Starbase 114, where they would transfer to the USS Archer for transport back to Earth.  Starbase 114 is a main trading post for the Federation, and when we arrived, we picked up several freighters in orbit of the station.  We contacted the officer in charge of the station, Commander Cleveland, to notify him of our arrival.  He welcomed us to the station and requested to speak with me privately as soon as possible.  When I met with him, the Commander informed me of a recent problem that had occurred on the station.  Several canisters of weapons grade Kemocite had been acquired by the station for potential use by the Federation in the war effort.  Just before the Tirpitz arrived, the station’s crew had discovered that the Kemocite had gone missing.  Because of  recent events with the Borg and the Klingons, the station was understaffed, and didn’t have any personnel with the training needed to perform a proper investigation.  The commander requested the assistance of the Tirpitz crew to discover what had happened to the missing supplies.  I assured the commander that I would have my best people look into the situation immediately. 

Scanning the Nandi

It wasn’t long before we had pieced together enough information to determine that the Kemocite stores had been stolen.  T’Lol had conducted a number of interviews with the station’s crew, and several reported seeing a Ferengi trader hanging around the high security storage bays.  Amy’s examination of the locks on the storage bays revealed that the locks had been over ridden by a Ferengi code breaker.  But most importantly, our science team reported that the decay rate of the trace amounts of Kemocite left behind when crates were stolen  indicated that the theft had only recently occurred.  It was highly likely that one of the freighters still in orbit of the starbase contained the stolen Kemocite.  After our away team returned to the Tirpitz, we began to systematically scan the freighters currently in system.  Several captains expressed displeasure at our scanning of their ships, although one did take the opportunity to try to sell me a collection of “romantic” holonovels.  Eventually, our search brought us to the SS Nandi, a D’Kora class Ferengi starship.  Our scans of the Nandi detected the missing Kemocite.  We were attempting to contact the Nandi when it engaged its engines and attempted to leave the system.  

The Naussicans defend their secret facility

I ordered the helm to lay in a pursuit course for the Nandi, and we followed the ship for some time.  I’m confident we would have caught up with and disabled the Nandi if we had not been attacked by a number of Naussican ships as the Nandi reached a hidden outpost built into a highly metallic asteroid.  .  We engaged the Naussicans in battle, and were able to disable or destroy the attacking ships in short order.  Scans of the Nandi after our battle revealed that the Kemocite, and for that matter the crew, were no longer on board.  We suspected that the stolen supplies had been transported to the outpost.  

DaiMon Mok

We organized and sent an away team down to the outpost to recover the Federation’s stolen property.  They ended up encountering heavy Naussican resistance.  It’s likely that the Naussicans were trying to purchase the stolen Kemocite from the Ferengi.  The away team was able to slowly work its way through the station and recover the missing supplies and tag them for transport to the Tirpitz.  With all of the supplies recovered, we contacted Starfleet command to appraise them of the situation.  Starfleet command sent us orders to apprehend the party or parties responsable for the theft.  After the away team successfully disabled a series of force fields being used to prevent access, they were able to enter a reinforced room onboard the station were they located and captured DaiMon Mok, the commanding officer of the Nandi.  Mok agreed to confess to the theft and be taken into custody in exchange for protection from the Naussicans. 

After returning the missing Kemocite to Starbase 114, the Tirpitz set a course to deliver Mok to Federation authorities. 

 Out of Character

Maybe I’m a little twisted, but I thought the mission should have ended once the player finished collecting the missing Kemocite.  I think the problem of the Ferengi Captain that had stolen the supplies would have been solved rather well by a group of angry Naussicans that figured Mok was trying to rip them off by not having the items he was trying to sell to them.  I guess there’s probably some logic in wanting to question Mok about how he knew about the supply on the starbase, but I think I like the poetic justice ending better. 

This mission marks what may be the player’s first encounter with the Ferengi in the game.  Occasionally in space, the player may see a Ferengi ship that they can communicate with to purchase supplies.  But this is the first time they get involved in the events of a mission.   You only really face DaiMon Mok and you don’t really get a chance to engage his ship in combat, so it’s hard to judge what combat against the Ferengi is like in the game.  From what I remember from the television series, the average Ferengi ship seemed to be a match for galaxy class starships, so maybe after a couple rank increases I’ll get a chance to find out. 

I think this also may be the first time the player encounters Naussican ground forces.  The one thing that stands out in my mind about them is their holds.  There were several occasions were I found myself unable to participate in combat because I kept getting paralyzed by some green energy restraints.  I’ll have to see if I can figure out which unit type is the one that does this for the future, as there were several key chances to exploit enemy soldiers that I couldn’t capitalize on because my captain was stuck.


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