Star Trek: Tirpitz

Acting Captain’s Log, Kassae Sector Patrol

As the Tirpitz was returning from its mission to Regulus IV, we were contacted by Commander Sulu with new orders.  While we were in the region, he wanted the Tirpitz to perform a quick patrol of the region.  

The wreckage of the Ranek

Our first destination was the Cernan system.  We found the system to be empty of any ships, and sensor sweeps detected no subspace disturbances which may indicate the presence of cloaked ships.  What our sensors did detect was the wreckage of a starship on Cernan V.  Since we had not detected any hostile presence in the system, I was able to convince Mr. Scharf to let me lead the away team to investigate the crash site.  I had Amy meet me in transporter room two, and we beamed down to the area on the planet’s surface with the highest concentration of debris.  We had to travel to and scan several different wreckage sites before Amy was able to determine that the crashed vessel was the Ranek, a Benzite transport ship that had been missing for several years.  From the damage patterns Amy pointed out on what remained of the ship, she theorized that it was likely the Ranek had been attacked by a craft using weapons commonly employed by the Orion Syndicate.  When we returned to the Tirpitz, we contacted Starfleet with the Ranek’s coordinates on the planet’s surface so that they could send out a salvage mission to reclaim as much as possible from the crashed ship and see if they could discover more information about the Ranek’s last moments.  

Assaulting the Gorn blockade

The Tirpitz then set course for the Dace System.  An archeological survey of the Dace system had found the ruins of a proto-reptilian civilization on the surface of one of the planets in the system.  A team of archeologists had been sent to the planet to study the ruins and determine if there was any connection to the ruins found by the science teams in the Kassae system.  It’s quite possible that the find in the Dace system was an outpost of the same ancient civilization found on Kassae II.  When the Tirptiz arrived in system, we made a discovery of our own.  A series of Gorn ship had formed a blockade around the planet where the archeology team had been sent.  We notified Starfleet Command, and received authorization to clear out any Gorn ships we found in the system to prevent a repeat of the events in the Kassae system.  After defeating several Gorn ships, our sensors detected no further hostile forces in the region.  We informed Starfleet Command that the threat had been dealt with, and they informed us that they would be dispatching a science ship to further investigate the site.   

Protecting the Salvage Operation

After leaving the Dace system, we proceeded to the Sardah system.  The Sardah system is well-known for its salvage operations.  Many space faring civilizations have contracts with companies in the Sardah system to haul away wreckage and derelict vessels.  When the Tirpitz arrived in system, we were contacted by the head of one of those salvage companies.  In recent weeks, Naussican ships had started attacking the legitimate salvage operations and stealing ship parts for themselves.  We received orders from Starfleet to engage the Naussican ships.  Our initial sweep of the system turned up little Naussican activity, but we soon found that they were using the large rings of salvaged ship parts in an attempt to mask their presence.  An extensive sweep of the system allowed us to find and successfully confront the Naussican forces.  

A derelict Borg sphere

We were expecting trouble when we traveled to the Servin system.  Starfleet Intelligence had noticed an increase in Orion syndicate activity and communications in the area.  When we arrived in the system, we detected an unusual amount of radiation in the system.  I ordered the helm to set a course to investigate the source of the radiation, and had ops continue to scan for Orion ships.  As we got closer, we were able to determine what was causing the radiation:  a derelict Borg sphere.  Amy’s appraisal of the situation was that the sphere had suffered severe damage, and the radiation leak we had picked up had most likely killed all drones onboard.  She also advised that we should keep our distance from the sphere for the time being, as she wasn’t sure that our current shield configuration would effectively protect the crew from the amount of radiation the sphere was putting out.  It was at that point that we were confronted by Orion Syndicate ships.  They were attempting to use heavily modified mining craft to salvage equipment and technology from the Borg sphere.  After notifying Starfleet Command of our findings, we received orders to drive off the Orion ships and claim the sphere for the Federation to study.  The Orions through every ship they had at us, including the mining craft.  We were able to successfully defend ourselves from the onslaught, and after driving off the Orions, we notified Starfleet’s Corps of Engineers that it was safe to send a ship to study the sphere.  

Out of Character

It looks like I spoke too soon when I talked about non-combat portions of the sector patrol missions drying up.  I’m starting to notice something interesting in that non-combat ground missions seem to request fewer away team members.  When I’ve had to send an away team into what ended up becoming a combat situation, the game has always asked for a full, five person group.  However, on the non-combat missions, the game has only asked me to select one officer to join my captain on the planet’s surface.  It tends to give away what’s going to happen when it the game says you only need to bring one extra person along.  Of course, the player always has the option to request back up.  But I still think it would be fun to have a mission where the player starts with two ends up requiring reinforcements to be sent.  

The Dace system visit is basically Researcher Rescue redux.  It’s basically the exact same set up, but it limits the combat to just space battles.  There’s no actual connection in the game between the two missions, but there are too many similarities between the two just really ignore in my opinion.  Plus I like how it ties previous events into things that are currently going on.   

As for the sneaky Naussicans, that was just my plain stupidity.  I got it in my head that by sticking close to the planet as I patrolled the rings for the enemy ships and then heading for the larger chunks of debris, I could speed up the search.  In the end, I somehow managed to miss one of the patrols I needed to destroy to complete the mission.  I’ve learned my lesson, and will spend the time flying through the rings at full impulse in the future on the off-chance that some of the enemies I need to find have wide patrol paths. 

And as a side note, as I was starting to do the write-up for this patrol mission, I was surprised to see that this was the mission set that Bryan and Jeremy were playing through in the background of the most recent episode of STOked released by Jupiter Broadcasting (as of the week of March 16th).


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