Star Trek: Tirpitz

Acting Captain’s Log, The Kuvah’Magh

The Tirpitz was recently contacted by Admiral Quinn with some very important orders.  Federation diplomats were able to negotiate a brief cease-fire in the our war with the Klingons and a face to face meeting with Klingon ambassadors.  It was hoped that the meeting would be the first step in reestablishing peace between the Federation and the Empire.  The Tirpitz was assigned by Admiral Quinn to help provide security for the meeting to be held at Regulus IV.

Regulus IV

When we arrived in system, we attempted to contact the embassy on the planet where the talks were scheduled to be held, but our hails went unanswered.  A scan of the system revealed the cause of our communications problems.  A small fleet of Orion Syndicate ships had taken control of a communications satellite within the system.  They had not taken the satellite off-line, but instead had adjusted the settings to jam communications.  Not only had were our messages to the embassy being blocked, but all communications outside of the system were being prevented as well.  We engaged the Orion ships to retake control of the satellite.  The main bulk of the Orion’s forces were small fighter craft, which we were able to drive off without much trouble.  With the Orions on the run, Amy was able to restore the satellite to working order.

Klingon and Orion patrols

Once communications had been restored, we were able to contact the embassy.  They reported that the meetings were progressing as expected.  While we were checking in with the embassy’s security forces, our sensors started picking up disruptor fire on the planet’s surface.  The embassy’s security forces requested assistance, as a joint force of Klingons and Orions had beamed down to the surface and had begun assaulting the peace talks.  We sent down an away team to help defend the embassy.  On the surface, our away team made contact with Lieutenant Miral Paris.  Paris was the reason the Federation was able to arrange the peace talks in the first place.  A religious following among the Klingons believe that Lieutenant Paris is the Kuvah’Magh, which is some sort of mythological savior figure for the Klingon empire. One ambassador Kas of the Klingon Empire had wanted a chance to meet and speak with Lieutenant Paris.  She had agreed to the meeting in the hopes it would give the Federation a chance to negotiate peace with the Klingons.  When the assault of the planet began, she had taken command of the embassy’s security teams to help fight off the invaders.  From the report we received from Lieutenant Paris when our away team arrived, a Klingon Dahar master had taken the Federation’s diplomatic representatives hostage in the facility’s main building while ordering his soldiers to set charges and destroy the other structures.    With Lieutenant Paris’ assistance, our away team slowly made its way towards the main building, engaging the Klingon and Orion soldiers they encountered and taking the time to defuse the spatial charges that had been set.  When the team reached the main building, Lieutenant Paris decided to remain outside with the embassy’s security forces, and help the hold off any potential reinforcements while the Tirpitz away team entered the facility to rescue the hostages.

Klingons take hostages inside the embassy

Fortunately, the Klingons had not had enough time to establish defensible positions inside the embassy.  They had managed to isolate each of the four captured diplomats and left several soldiers as guards for each one.  Given our previous experience with the Klingons, the away team from the Tirpitz was well-trained and well equiped to deal with the forces they encountered.  They were able to rescue all the hostages successfully and were able to apprehend the leader of the Klingon ground forces, a Captain T’Kurk.  The captain was unwilling to provide us with any information as to why he had assaulted the meeting.  As the last member of the diplomatic team (an old Vulcan friend of my family) was beamed up to the safety of the Tirpitz, ship sensors detected Klingon ships entering the system.  Initial reports indicated that we could be facing an invasion fleet.

Attacking B'Vat's flagship

As the Klingon ships approached, we were contacted by another Klingon vessel in orbit of Regulus IV.  It was ambassador Kas, who had gone missing in the first minutes of the assault.  He attempted to explain what had occurred.  It seemed that Kas’ house was feuding with the house of another Klingon ambassador, B’vat.  B’vat had thought that the meeting Kas had arranged with Lieutenant Paris would be a good opportunity to kill his rival.  Kas suggested that we work together to repel the Klingon ships that were about to arrive in the system, as neither his personal ship nor the Tirpitz alone would be enough to turn the tide of battle.  I agreed with his appraisal of the situation, and between the two of us, we were able to destroy  several hostile Klingon ships that entered the system.  In the end, we engaged Ambassador B’vat’s flagship itself and were able to severely damage the ship before B’vat ordered his forces to retreat. 

With the security of the meeting ruined, we received orders to return the diplomatic team to the nearest starbase.  While en route, I’ve taken the opportunity to put Lieutenant Parris in for a commendation.  Her assistance was invaluable to our efforts and she proved herself to be a credit to the uniform.

Out of Character:

Miral Paris

This entire story episode is based around a couple of episodes of Voyager.  In the last season of the series, Tom Paris and B’elanna Torres were expecting a child.  Before the child was born, Voyager encountered a ship full of Klingons that were on a pilgrimage in the Delta quadrant to find some kind of Klingon messiah.  They believed it was Tom and B’elanna’s unborn daughter.  Miral Paris actually wasn’t born until the very last episode of Voyager.  And since that time, according to Star Trek: Online, she seems followed Worf’s footsteps in becoming a Klingon security chief on a Federation starship.  The player is given several different conversation options when they meet Miral on the planet’s surface, that mostly deal with how she deals with being seen as this Klingon religious symbol.  Personally I would have liked to have had one conversation path that illustrated how she felt about the Federation/Klingon war that is going on in the game.  Players can recruit Klingon officers and even create a Klingon captain for Federation ships if they want to, but I haven’t seen anything in-game that provides insight on what it’s like to be a Klingon in the service of the Federation during a time of war with the Empire.

This mission also establishes a connection between the Klingons and the Orion syndicate.  When you first get into the system, you’re wondering why the Orions are messing with the satellite, and it isn’t until you’re on the ground and see Klingons and Orions guarding the same buildings that you get a sense that they’re working together.  Currently, they’re still segregated in their joint efforts (a squad is either all Klingon or all Orion, and not a mix of both).  I think it would be interesting to see a random assortment of Klingons, Orions, Gorn and Naussicans in one ground squad.  Cryptic could probably come up with several really good combinations that would be entertaining, and probably a few that would be absolutely lethal.  As much as I think it would be fun to see, I would hate to keep dying  to a situation where a Orion Vixen keeps charming my male crew members while a Klingon swordmaster chops them into confetti.


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