Star Trek: Tirpitz

Acting Captain’s Log, Stop the Signal

We’ve received orders from Admiral Quinn.  Thanks to recovered pieces of Klingon ships from recent Federation battles against them, Starfleet Intelligence was finally able to decode a portion of the data the Tirpitz downloaded from the Klingon listening post in the Paulson Nebula.  From what they were able to access, Starfleet Intelligence has determined that there is a second Klingon listening post located somewhere in the Bomari system.  The data also provided a set of coordinates for a signal repeater, which the Klingons would be using to boost transmissions from the listening post so they could reach Klingon space.  Admiral Quinn dispatched the Tirpitz to study the signal repeater, and see if we could determine the location of the second listening post. 

Sneaking up on the Signal Repeater

When we arrived in the Bomari system, we had difficulty scanning for the location of the signal repeater due to the high metal concentrations within the surrounding asteroids.  It’s highly likely that the interference provided by the asteroids is why the Klingons chose to position the signal repeater here.  Mr. Scharf pointed out that the natural sensor disruptions the Klingons had employed to hide the repeater could be used by us to hide our approach.  By staying close to the larger asteroids in the field while we approached the coordinates we had for the repeater, it would be less likely for any possible Klingon ships in the area to detect us.  We were very successful in our stealth approach thanks to the skill of our helmsman, and were only detected by a lone Bird of Prey when we approached within a few kilometers of the signal repeater.  After defeating the Klingon ship, we were able to download and decode the information we needed from the repeater. 

Destroying the transporter disrupters

The signal repeater lead us to the binary moons of Bomari II.  The Klingons had constructed the listening post on an asteroid caught in the gravity well between the two moons.  They had also constructed a series of transporter disruption satellites.  We detected four satellites within range of the station, preventing us from beaming down an away team.  With orders to board the station to collect Klingon intelligence, we needed to disable the satellites.  We set course for the nearest one, and were quickly able to destroy it since the Klingons had not equiped them with any sort of shielding system.  However, with the first satellite destroyed, Klingon defense forces decloaked and engaged the Tirpitz.  Thanks to some upgrades installed by chief engineer Amy, we were successfully able to hold our own.  After destroying all of the satellites in the system, we closed to within transporter range of the station and sent over an away team. 

The Undine spy revealed

Our mission on the station was two-fold.  Our first objective was to download data from the station’s computer core.  Our second objective was to destroy the listening post.  To complete the second objective, the away team had been equiped with spatial charges.  By placing them at key points in the facility, they could destroy the facility with as few as six charges.  Because of the battle that took place outside the station, the Klingons were expecting us.  The away team encountered heavy resistance.  Several members of the away team needed to be transported to sick bay so Dr. Franklin could treat their injuries.  As the away team reached the station’s command center and started to upload the Klingon data back to the Tirpitz, they were attacked by what remained of the listening post’s defensive forces.  During the firefight that ensued, a phaser blast severely wounded one of the Klingon commanders, breaking his concentration, and revealing him to be a member of Species 8472.  The Undine infiltrator was able to beam out of the battle before either side could manage to capture him.  The remaining Klingon soldiers were easily defeated without a commanding officer.  Having completed their objectives, we quickly beamed the away team aboard and began to search for the Undine ship that had beamed up the spy. 

Klingon reinforcements

Our scans were able to quickly pick up the trail of the Undine ship, but before we were able to set a course to follow it, we were attacked by Klingon reinforcements.  A Raptor class scout ship decloaked and opened fire.  While only a scout vessel, it was still a Klingon ship, and proved to pack quite a bit of fire power into its small design.  It was a quick battle, and in the end, the Tirpitz was victorious.  Scans to see if we could still detect the Undine warship not only detected the ship, but showed that a Klingon task force had attacked it.  It’s likely that the Raptor had been split off from their main attack force to deal with us while the rest of their forces went after the larger threat. 

The Enemy of my Enemy...

I gave orders to set course for the site of the battle and to prepare to engage the Undine ship.  The crew was hesitant at first.  Mr. Scharf pointed out that we had fought against and lost crewmen and close friends in battles against the Klingons.  I countered with the fact that the Klingons had been our allies in the past and that Species 8472 was a greater threat.  Mr. Scharf agreed and backed up my orders.  By the time we arrived, a few of the smaller Klingon ships had already suffered severe damage from the assault.  The Klingon forces were focusing their assault on the Undine warship, trying to crack its powerful shields.  And because of this, a number of smaller ships the Undine ship had launched to defend itself.  I ordered the Tirpitz to focus our attacks on the smaller ships first, trying to buy time for the Klingons to crack the larger ship’s shields.  By the time we had defeated the last of the smaller craft, the shields on the Undine warship had dropped to less than five percent.  With our combined firepower, it wasn’t long before we had destroyed the enemy ship.  We were soon hailed by Captain R’az, the commanding officer of the Klingon task force.  He commended us on our courage and honor in helping them in the battle.  He also made it very clear that if we ever crossed his path again, to not expect to be allowed to leave with our lives.  Taking the hint, we set course to return to spacedock. 

 Out of Character

Having finally completed this story mission, I can definitely see what the commenter on the Hide and Seek mission post was saying.  I think this would have been a better follow-up to the mission that revealed the existence of Species 8472 in the Alpha quadrant.  It really did feel like a plot hole to not encounter 8472 for so long.  Part of that is my fault, because I spent so much time doing other mission types before coming back to the storyline episodes.  

So far, this may be my favorite mission.  And I think what really helped to seal the deal was being able to fight with the Klingons instead of against the Klingons.  It’s much better that way.  Maybe I’m a little biased because some of my favorite moments from Star Trek history have been when the Klingons have flown to the rescue of Federation forces.  It’s always nice to have the guys that love to fight be your back up when you’re expecting a fight.  At some point I’ll probably end up creating a character to play on the Klingon side, but for now I’m going to focus my attention on the Tirpitz and her crew.  And right now, given the state of Klingon/Federation relations, I just can’t see having a Klingon officer or captain.  Not that I could change Captain Ruz’s race, but you get my point. 

As a side note, I was surprised by Captain R’az of the Klingon Empire.  I thought the name I had come up with was fairly unique.  I didn’t know I had a Klingon sounding Trill. 

And I think I’ll end this post with the first words that popped into my head when I first read the title of this mission: 

“They can’t stop the signal, Mal.”


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