Star Trek: Tirpitz

Acting Captain’s Log, Ambushed

It’s beginning to look like the Klingon’s assault of Starbase 24 was just opening salvo in a what may be a larger offensive against the Federation. 

The Tirpitz was returning to stardock for some much-needed repairs after taking part in the battle to defend Starbase 24, when we were attacked in deep space by a Klingon scout ship.  Given the state of our Tirpitz’s systems, I gave orders to set a course for a nearby nebula.  I had hoped that energy distortions from the nebula would hinder the Klingon’s ability to track  us.  At the time, I didn’t know that a larger Klingon force was using the nebula as a staging point. 



 As we entered the nebula, we started to pick up a Federation transponder signals.  When checked against our records, they appeared to belong to the USS Mercury and the USS Norfolk.  Figuring there was some safety in numbers, we set a course to intercept.  When we arrived, we found the Norfolk dead in space and the Mercury in bad shape, engaged against a Klingon Bird of Prey.  We opened fire on the attacking Bird of Prey, and with the added support of the Mercury, we were able to defeat both the Mercury’s attacker and the ship that had pursued the Tirptiz into the Nebula.  

Defending the Norfolk


As we beamed aboard survivors from Norfolk, we took stock of the situation.  All three of us had been part of the defensive action at Starbase 24, and when we had left the station as ordered to return for repairs, we had been ambushed by Klingon ships.  The Mercury had sent off a distress call before entering the nebula, but there was no way to know if it had been received, or how long it would be before reinforcements arrived.  Long range sensors had picked up multiple distortions within the Nebula, each one another possible cloaked attacker.  I ordered Amy to focus her engineering teams on completing repairs to combat systems first, as I expected us to come under attack before too long. 

Against the Negh'var


The Klingons started to attack in waves.  At first it was a squadron of fighters.  Then a couple of Birds of Prey.  They were both probing our defenses and weakening them at the same time with each assault wave.  When the Negh’var class warship decloaked, I ordered the helm to alter course towards the massive ship, hoping that at a closer distance it would have a harder time targeting the Tirpitz without risking damaging themselves. 

Rescued by the Card


That was when our reinforcements arrived.  Starfleet had dispatched a small force of ships to the last known location of the Norfolk, and from there the ships had been able to track us into the nebula.  The combined firepower of the USS Card and the USS Seahawk was more than a match for the Negh’var.  We apprised them of our situation, and the Card sent over engineering teams to assist our own with making repairs to the Tirpitz.  All of the captains agreed that something needed to be done about the Klingon presence in the nebula.  Using it as a trap to attack damaged ships was bad enough.  But the possibility of the Klingons using this location as a spring-board to attack other Federation outposts and shipping lanes was a risk we couldn’t take.  With the Tirpitz as repaired as it was going to get without time spent in dock, we joined the impromptu fleet in hunting Klingon ships. 

The Seahawk in action


With the state the Tirpitz was in, we weren’t much help to the battle that took place.  Most of the work was done by the Card and the Seahawk, who’s armaments were more than a match for most of the ships we encountered.  When sensor readings showed the various distortions in the nebula we took for cloaked ships disappearing, we realized that the Klingons had been forced into a retreat.  With the enemy in retreat, the Sea Hawk agreed to escort us and the Mercury back to stardock for repairs, with the Card remaining behind to see if they could repair or salvage what was left of the Norfolk. 

Out of Character

The last mission type I’ve encountered that I haven’t covered yet is the Sector Defense missions.  I’ve already briefly touched on the random enemy ship patrols that occur in the game.  The Sector Defense mission for the Sirius sector has the player find and defeat three of these random ship patrols.  They’re just straight up space combat with no plot or story behind them.  And I have to admit that I kind of enjoy that.  Like fleet actions, the player will be placed into an instance with other players but not forced onto a team with the other players.  Also like fleet actions, it’s in your own best interest to stick close to the other players even if you’re not teamed up.  The initial start point may have two enemy ships camping the area that are low enough level to not generally be a threat to the players that accidentally get sucked into these random patrols.  Most of the other ships in the random patrol go around in groups of five or six, and engaging them on your own will likely lead to you getting defeated. 

The Sirius Sector Defense is against Klingon ships.  I know that there are enemy ship patrols of Romulans closer to Romulan space.  And I would imagine that I would see the same sort of enemy ship patrols in Cardassian and Borg space when I get there.  So the Klingons are kind of the easy version.  Except when the instance has a high level Federation ship in it.  Every instance I entered had an Admiral level ship cruising around in it.  Because of this, I encountered Klingon ships that should be around my level for me to successfully fight that had 38 levels on me.  Another low-level player in one instance I joined was quite surprised when he encountered, and then quickly there after was destroyed, by a squadron of level 40 fighter craft.  I don’t know how the game system works in this case.  If the game detects the highest level of the ship in the instance and spawns enemies that would be a threat to them, or if it takes the destruction of weaker ships for the game to level up enemy npcs.  All I know is that because of the higher level players somehow causing higher level enemies to spawn, I find myself to be both ineffective and an easier target.  

The one thing keeping me from posting a complaint on Cryptic’s game forums, is that I would expect this problem to lessen as I level up, and there by decrease the level gap between myself and the number of players slumming in the lowbie zones.


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