Star Trek: Tirpitz

Acting Captain’s Log, Patrol the Ring

Starfleet command dispatched the Tirpitz to investigate a distress call from the Pico system.  It wasn’t that long ago that the Tirpitz visited the system, and rendered aid to a disabled mining vessel.  This time, the situation seemed more severe than a faulty power relay aboard one ship.  The distress call we received from the central mining facility had been cut off in the middle of its broadcast.  They reported being under attack, but they didn’t have enough time to provide information as to the nature of the attacking force.

The Tirpitz returns to Pico

Our arrival in the system seemed to go unnoticed.  As we approached the nearest asteroid mining facility, we were able to pick up life signs onboard the station, but were unable to establish contact.  As we closed to transporter range, the Tirpitz came under attack from a pair of Naussican raiders.  We returned fire, attempting to drive them off, when we began to experience a system wide power drain. 

Naussicans attempt to drain power

Mr. Scharf’s previous experience with Naussican pirates  enlightened us to their battle strategy.  The Naussicans had launched probes capable of draining our ship’s energy reserves, which would eventually leave our shields weakened and our weapons systems unable to return fire.  With this new knowledge, I ordered T’Lol to focus our offensive efforts on eliminating the probes first.  With the probes destroyed, and our power levels restored, we were able to defeat the Naussican attackers.

Destroying the Naussican ships allowed us to reestablish contact with the mining outpost.  They had suffered minor casualties in the assault, but they had not been boarded by any Naussican soldiers.  They also alerted us that while they were now able to send and receive messages again, they couldn’t reach any of the four other mining stations distributed throughout Pico’s rings.  It was likely that they too had come under attack.  We set a course for the next nearest facility, hoping that they too had been as fortunate as the first in regards to their defenses.

Defending the Mining Facilities

When we reached the next mining facility, it was as we expected.  We found another Naussican vessel in orbit of the station that engaged us in combat as soon as we got within weapon’s range.  And when we defeated the Naussicans and were able to contact the station again, we found they had suffered only minimal damage.  It was the same case for all of stations that had lost contact.  The numbers and type of craft used were different for each station.  We took a bit of a pounding from the Talon class battle cruiser we encountered,  but Amy is confident that she should be able to complete repairs without returning to spacedock. 

The Naussican actions at Pico seem strange.  Starfleet has encountered Naussican raiders and pirates before, usually attacking trade vessels.  An assault on one of our primary mining facilities is an operation on a scale larger than what we’ve seen before.  And the lack of a cohesive strategy was also troubling.  When I found out that we were facing Naussicans, I fully expected that I would need to send away teams to retake each station.  There’s something about their actions here that makes me think we’re missing part of the puzzle.

Out of Character

A brief write-up for a brief mission.  Once the player reaches lieutenant rank 5, they are able to pick up this mission by flying through sector space near to the Pico system.  A crew member picks up a distress call, and the player is given the option of taking the mission to defend the system.  If the player has already completed the Vulcan sector patrol mission, this mission marks their second time visiting the Pico system.  I like the idea of having missions to revisit areas the player has already been to.  In a lot of other MMOs, when you finish all the quests in an area, you’re generally finished with the area.  Having level specific missions spring up in old sections of the game makes it feel a bit more realistic.  Starfleet is at least partially a peace keeping force, so occasionally needing to go back to a location you’ve already saved to help out again makes sense on some level.

This mission also marks the player’s first encounter with the Naussicans.  From what I remember, they weren’t very fleshed out in any of the series.  They seemed to be a known race of murderers, thieves, and pirates.  Their big claim to fame is the fact that one of them stabbed Captain Picard through the heart in his youth.  The game seems to indicate that in the time period the game is set in, they have become allies of some sort to the Klingons.  I’m not sure if it’s something where a large number of Naussicans have been hired by the Klingons, or if like the Gorn, they found themselves conquered.  In any event, it seems their unique strategy in ship combat is the ability to drain the player’s energy levels.  It’s not really so bad.  Even with two probes on your ship draining power, it take a few minutes for you to start to notice that you’re not being as effective as you would be at full power.  If you’re paying attention, I can’t see a player ever reaching a point where they’re completely at the mercy of the Naussican ships.

And there was one nice little touch from this mission that I loved.  Basically, the five mining facilities your asked to defend are spaced throughout a ring of asteroids that circle a planet.  To my recollection, this is the first time I had to go three hundred and sixty degrees around a planet for a mission.  But what really impressed me was that when I got around to the rear of the planet, I saw that the developers had actually designed a night side for the planet.  Adding the lights from cities on the planet’s surface to the night side of the planet is a small detail, but it’s a very nice touch.


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I’m so glad I stumbled upon your STO blog, and yours is definitely fun to read. It gives me a whole different outlook on the missions I’ve done.
You, sir, are my Star Trek RP hero.

Comment by mmogamerchick

Thank you for the wonderful compliment. It’s a little unexpected because I haven’t really done any RP in game yet. Honestly, I’ve never done RP in an MMO before. I’ve had background stories for some of my characters rattling around in my head before, but I never joined a RP community or posted any of my stories anywhere before.

I can only hope that as I continue to do this that those that have stopped by to check out my adventures in the game continue to enjoy them.

Comment by captainruz

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