Star Trek: Tirpitz

Acting Captain’s Log, Scientific Mandate

We received further orders from Admiral Quinn.  Research on the materials recovered from Species 8472’s bioship reached an impasse.  It is believed that one of the pieces of the ship we recovered is part of what would be the ship’s computer core.  However, the equipment and facilities at Earth spacedock are just not able to access it.  As the Tirpitz was the ship that acquired the device, Admiral Quinn wanted us to transport the biological sample to Memory Alpha for further analysis.

Lt. Commander E'genn

Our first stop was to return to Earth spacedock to pick up the sample for delivery.  Admiral Quinn directed me to Lt. Commander E’genn, the officer in charge of scientific research efforts aboard Earth spacedock.  After scanning me to determine that I was indeed who I said I was, commander E’genn released the sample into my possession.  It would seem that the fact that Species 8472 has the ability to change their shape has raised some concerns about security.

In orbit of Memory Alpha

With the cargo safely stored, the Tirpitz set course for Memory Alpha.  During the voyage, the crew seemed to be a bit on edge.  I couldn’t really blame them.  Memory Alpha is near the border of Federation and Romulan space.  And while the Tirpitz had managed to survive several encounters with Orion and Klingon ships, a well-armed Romulan Warbird would have little trouble tearing our ship apart.  Fortunately, we reached Memory Alpha with no unexpected encounters.

Inside Memory Alpha

Once at Memory Alpha, we made contact with Commander Romaine.  She had been contacted by Admiral Quinn in advance of our arrival, and was eager to get to work on the sample when we delivered it to her.  She wasn’t sure how long it would take to access the computer core we delivered.  She did however grant the Tirpitz access to Memory Alpha’s vast libraries of data.  Amy used this access to research adjustments to the Tirpitz’s phaser systems.

Out of Character

This episode is Star Trek Online’s introduction to the crafting system that exists in-game.  The episode itself is a very brief delivery mission, but it shows the player two of the locations in-game where they craft items.  As it is written in the game, Admiral Quinn has this dialogue about how Starfleet isn’t just about combat and has a long history of scientific discovery.   After which, he sends you to collect random genetic sample A from E’genn, and deliver it to Commander Romaine, who has you place the sample in random genetic sample container B.  There is no connection between this mission and the previous one that ended with you collecting samples from the 8472 bioship.  It just worked out that way in how I played through, and I thought the narrative flow that created worked better than “you just completed this major event, now go run this random task until we need you for something else”.

The crafting system itself doesn’t really do any actual crafting.  Throughout the game, scattered around in every mission, are random material samples.  Players can scan for these samples with their ships sensors or their character’s tricorder, depending on if the mission they’re on is in space or on ground.  After collecting these sample, the player can take them to Memory Alpha, where they can be used to enhance gear.  There is very little actual crafting.  From what I saw, what you can actually craft are ship system batteries (used to increase power to a specific system) and provisions (which are quest items for some missions later on).  Everything else that’s offered are enhancements to items, which require you to have the needed item in addition to the material samples needed to alter them.  And in those cases, it’s rather difficult to determine if the alterations are really all that useful.  It’s kind of early in the game for the players to be able to determine if a plus bonus to crit percentage is better than a plus bonus to accuracy.  I personally settled on a very small percentage chance to disable enemy systems.  Of course I have no idea how often I’ll actually see that happen.

The bit about the Romulan ships is true.  All sectors of space in the game have wandering groups of enemy ships that can pull your ship into a random encounter if you’re not careful.  In the starting sectors of space, it’s not too bad, as your ship should be able to survive the initial assault from the ships you’ll encounter.  But for some reason, Memory Alpha is placed in higher level sector of space.  So you have to cross through an area of space designed for Lt. Commander ranks and above to complete a mission you can pick up as early as three levels into Lieutenant. 

Memory Alpha also gives us our most recent appearance from Star Trek lore.  Kirayoshi O’Brien, son of Miles and Keiko O’Brien from DS9, is a lieutenant stationed at Memory Alpha.  He was unable to help me at the level I visited him at, however it sounds like once I reach higher levels, I may be able to purchase some kind of upgrades from him.


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