Star Trek: Tirpitz

Acting Captain’s Log, Diplomatic Orders

Ambassador Sokketh

The Tirpitz  was ordered back to Earth spacedock by Admiral Quinn for an urgent mission.  A Vulcan ambassador by the name of Sokketh needed transport for himself and a collection of sacred Vulcan artifacts back to the Vulcan monastery on the planet P’Jem.  Because of increased Klingon activity within the region, the admiral believed the trip would be safer aboard a Starfleet vessel.

Klingons attack!

The trip to P’Jem was thankfully uneventful.  However, upon entering the P’Jem system, we were hailed by a Klingon Bird of Prey.  The Klingon captain demanded that we beam Ambassador Sokketh over to his ship, claiming Sokketh to be a member of a shape changing alien species called the Undine.  When I requested what proof he had of his claims, two other Birds of Prey decloaked and joined the first in opening fire on the Tirpitz.  We defended ourselves from the assault, and made quick work of the lightly armored attack craft.  Which worked in our favor due to the fact that besides the first three Klingon ships that attacked, there was also another three cloaked ships which joined the attack as their allies were defeated.

P'Jem occupied

With the Klingon ships destroyed, we approached to within transporter range of the planet.  At this point, we detected Klingon life signs on the planet’s surface.  It seems a strike team had been transported down to the planet surface to occupy the monastery in an attempt to capture the ambassador when he was beamed down.  Instead it was decided that we would beam down a security force to retake the monastery while the ambassador remained safe aboard the ship.  The combat with the Klingon ground forces was brutal.  When we encountered groups of Klingons, one or two would hang back and open fire with disruptor weapons, while the rest would charge into melee range.  There were a couple of close calls when someone’s personal shields failed under a focused assault, but we managed to avoid taking any severe injuries.  The Vulcans on the surface we rescued from the Klingons didn’t appear any worse off for the experience and claimed that they had been well treated during the brief occupation.  A few even informed us that the leaders of the Klingon forces had set up a command post in the main building at the top of the hill the monastery had been built on.  The battle to take the command post was long, with seemingly endless waves of Klingon forces coming against us.  It took some time, but eventually we were victorious, and it was safe for the Ambassador to beam down to the surface.

The ambassador revealed

It was then that we learned the Klingons were correct.  Shortly after ambassador Sokketh beamed to the surface, it revealed itself to be a member of Species 8472.  It attacked the away team, hoping to kill us and preserve its secret identity.  When the away team’s forces proved too much for it, it retreated back down the hill.  We attempted to follow, but came across a Klingon patrol that was just now returning to the monastery.  By the time we had dealt with the new Klingon attackers, Sokketh had managed to beam off of the planet.  The away team quickly returned to the Tirpitz, in the hope that we might be able to find and track the ship it had beamed to.

Federation reinforcements

We didn’t actually have to track it.  Shortly after we beamed up, a Species 8472 bioship came out of hiding and assaulted the Tirpitz.  I ordered T’Lol to return fire, but our weapons had minimal impact on the alien ship.  Seeing the effect we had, we put out a call for help to any Federation ships in the area.  Our distress call was answered by Captain Thelin of the USS Kirk.  He was in charge of a Starfleet task force, patrolling the region for Klingon invasion forces that may have crossed the neutral zone border.  He informed us that he was setting course to come to our aid, but we would need to hold out for the two minutes it would take for his reinforcements to arrive.  I ordered a change to our tactics, hoping to buy ourselves some time.  Instead of attacking the bioship, I had T’Lol focus our weapons fire on the slow-moving plasma torpedoes that it would occasionally launch against us.  The Tirpitz was still in fairly good shape by the time the Thelin’s task force arrived, and the combined firepower of six Starfleet vessels was enough to destroy the bioship.  After the battle, we were able to scan the debris of the enemy ship and collected biological samples to send to Starfleet Intelligence for further study.

Out of Character

This episode is the Player’s first introduction to two enemies that they will face early on in the game.

At the point in time the game takes place during, the Klingons are no longer allies of the Federation.  According to the time line of events provided by Cryptic, Martok is still the Chancellor of the High Council.  But pressure from different Klingon houses, more than a few that were allied with the House of Duras, have pressured Martok into a path to war.  The Klingons conquered the Gorn and the Naussicans, and when the Federation tried to set up peace talks between the Klingon Empire and the attacked governments, Martok had all Federation ambassadors and civilians removed from Klingon space.  So for the most part, the Klingons have returned to their old ways from the original series.  They want to take over the galaxy to prove the might of their Empire.

Species 8472 have come to the Alpha Quadrant, and we learn that they call themselves “The Undine”.  Personally, I’m not that crazy about the new name.  But it does make sense that they would have their own name for their race that hadn’t been given to them by the Borg.  Honestly I’ve never been a big fan of 8472.  To me it seems like they were created just to have a way to get Seven of Nine on board Voyager, and as a side effect they knocked the Borg down from their position of biggest threat to the Federation.  Their entire motivation seems to be that they’re evil just because they want to be evil.

As a brief side note, the Federation ships that show up at the end to help the player are not players.  The game is programmed to send the ships to reinforce the player after two minutes have passed in battle with the Undine ship.

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