Star Trek: Tirpitz

Acting Captian’s Log, First Entry

I find myself at a loss for words.  So much has happened, has changed, in the last few hours that I’m still trying to process everything that’s happened. 

It could be argued that The Borg are the greatest threat the Federation has ever seen.  And for over thirty years, we had no contact with them.  They were gone for so long that some in Starfleet believed that they had been destroyed by the actions Admiral Janeway took to bring her ship home.

Today, the Borg returned. 

The Tirpitz was ordered to the Vega system to assist with the situation.  Upon arrival we received a distress call from the USS Khitomer.  They had been boarded by the Borg and were fighting to retake the ship.  Captain Qat’Anmek ordered me to take an away team over to assist the Khitomer.  We were given the coordinates for their sickbay as our transport point, as the crew had been able to prevent the Borg from taking that part of the ship.

Sickbay was over capacity.  They had lost a good portion of their medical staff in the assault, so their EMH was understaffed.  It wasn’t long before we were contacted by engineering.  The Borg were making a push to reach the warp core, and the defenses needed our assistance.  I had Franklin remain in Sickbay to assist with the wounded, while the rest of us went to reinforce engineering.

We had to fight our way to there.  The route we took led us down a corridor where drones were constructing Borg alcoves.  I didn’t intend to engage the Borg at this point.  I wanted to make sure they didn’t have a chance to adapt to our weapons before we were able to reach engineering.  However, a drone detected our presence and attacked.  We defended ourselves from the drones, but they never adapted.  We took the opportunity to destroy several alcoves as we continued to engineering. 

The Borg assaulting engineering were no different from the Borg we had encountered in other sections of the ship.  They never adapted to our weapons fire.  The only reason they were a threat was because of their numbers.  We were able to successfully turn the tide of the attack.

And that’s when we were notified that the Khitomer had been bait for a trap.  Several Starfleet vessels had responded to the distress call, and all of them had been attacked by the Borg.  The command officers of the Tirpitz had been abducted by Borg boarding parties.  When I returned to the ship, I was informed that I was the highest ranking officer left aboard.  I contacted Starfleet to appraise them of the situation, and received orders to beam aboard survivors from several  severely damaged ships before going to the Federation colony in the Vega system to lend aid in repelling the Borg invasion.

The Borg on the planet’s surface were no different from the Borg encountered on the Khitomer.  I would even go as far as to say their behavior was stranger than those encountered aboard the Khitomer.  We encountered small groups of Borg that had surrounded Federation colonists, but did nothing except prevent them from escaping.  They weren’t being assimilated.  They were just being held prisoner.  When we rescued them, the colonists reported that they had seen several Borg constructing a device near the edge of the colony.   The theory was that this group of Borg had become disconnected from the collective somehow and they were trying to build a beacon to reestablish their connection.  It didn’t really matter if that was the case.  We didn’t want them to establish any kind of foothold on the planet.  I lead a team and was successfully able to destroy their structure.

As we were finishing up clearing the planet of the Borg invaders, I was contacted by the Tirpitz.  Long range sensors had picked up a Borg sphere and Borg cube on route to the planet.  My away team returned to the ship, and with the combined effort of all of the ships Starfleet had sent to the system, we were able to defeat the Borg reinforcements.  Like the drones we had encountered, the ships also displayed none of the adaptability of previous encounters Starfleet has had with the Borg.

With the invasion halted, we received orders to return to Earth Spacedock in Sector 001 for a debriefing and repairs.

Out of Character: 

This is the tutorial mission for Star Trek Online.  Players start off as an ensign aboard a ship they name during the character creation process in the middle of the most recent Borg invasion of the Alpha quadrant.  I’m a little torn on the use of the Borg for the tutorial.  The initial response is “I’m fighting the Borg!  This is awesome!”  But at the same time, there’s very little danger to your character from these Borg.  It’s like wrestling an alligator that’s had all its teeth removed.   There’s even a few crewmen aboard the Khitomer that are standing over a fallen drone having a conversation about how it’s like no other drone Starfleet has ever encountered before.   But if these Borg the player encounters during the tutorial are supposed to be the next evolution of their species, it looks like the last race they assimilated into the collective was running Vista.  I guess it is better than killing the player repeatedly during the tutorial.

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